• Scott Morris

    Hmm…I’d like to see you talk about Robert Bloch and Star Trek’s “Wolf in the Fold”…but I’d also like to see you talk about Van Helsing and Bride of Frankenstein…oh this is cruel…though maybe not as cruel as all the Frankenstein movies you’d have to watch.

  • Davide Campari

    Definitely Jack the Ripper. I’m sure they’ll have like a crapton of wildly different interpretations.

  • funkym

    I only voted for Frankenstein because James Whale based his Castle Frankenstein on Dudley Castle.

  • TheGuy2

    Voted Frankenstein’s Monster but it wouldn’t let me submit.

    • Ng Yi-Sheng

      Yeah me too!

      • TheGuy2

        I knew my vote didn’t matter in a presidential election, but I thought it WOULD matter in choosing the topic of an Internet video!

        To death with this corrupt four-party monster system!

  • Brandon Croker

    Ichabod Crane sounds like it could be rather interesting.

  • Vote button won’t work. This is a shame, as I want Frankenstein’s monster, because I would like you to watch “I, Frankenstein”.

  • Jeremy F

    Tried Victor Frankenstein Jr., didn’t work, same as everyone else.

  • bedfordthegreat

    I vote Ichabod, but I wouldn’t have minded Invisible Man due to his presence in LXG (I never got why people hate that movie…it’s great)

    • Ace20xd6

      The hatred mostly comes from dan did the much better comic.

  • Jami

    I voted for The Invisible Man but don’t know if it went through. Screen went blank.

  • Crystal Lynn

    It’s disappearing after my vote. I would like to see Ichabod Crane, the Disney film, Tim Burton movie, and the Sleepy Hollow show are the ones I know him best in. Plus the whole history behind the Legend of Sleepy Hollow is an interesting American fairy tale.

  • Video Beagle

    I got a vanish too, but I’d like Jack the Ripper, given his propensity to show up in science fiction in the future.

  • Egil Hellá

    I vote for Frankenstein’s Monster

  • Perlite

    Invisible Man, because I just don’t hear that much about him other than the occasional references

    • Allan Hunt

      Yeah, you don’t see much of him

  • Hannah

    Jack the Ripper, but I couldn’t vote 🙁

  • I submitted my vote, but it just went to a bank white screen.

  • Lossthief

    I voted for Jack The Ripper specifically because of an anime called “Nobunagun” that posits The Ripper was actually Florence Nightingale killing people possessed by evil aliens.

  • TheWynne

    Voted Frankenstein, but it went blank?

  • Rebochan

    Voted Jack the Ripper but I couldn’t submit 🙁

  • Shuvuuia

    Jack the Ripper, solely because of the vampire-zombie stripper version from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.

  • TheBrett

    I keep trying to vote, and when I do the voting thing won’t reload – it just leaves a blank screen section. I voted for “Ichabod Crane”.

  • David Baruffi

    Having some trouble voting for Jack the Ripper, seems to be loading either slowly, awkwardly or not at all, not sure exactly, but it’s definitely odd.

  • ElementaB

    I’m here about the ripping!

  • Lindsay

    It looks like there’s some problem with strawpoll – when you vote, the screen goes blank. But I am seeing results regardless, so it does look like votes are being counted.

    • lost_limey

      I just assumed that it was meta commentary on my vote for the invisible man.

    • Al Harken – Hail Hydra!

      Have you tried surveymonkey perhaps?

  • Yossarianduck

    Keen for Jack the Ripper, you get to look at From Hell the best comic Alan Moore ever did imo, but also the dodgy Johnny Depp movie based on it.

  • TalesFanGirl

    Lindsay, if you do Frankenstein’s Monster, you have got to cover the squirrely-ness that is Penny Dreadful.

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