• Is it odd that Megatron has plenty in common with Magneto and Mystique? Shapeshifting, metal guy, leads a team with an obvious evil name.

  • Hayley Woodward

    Voting for Mystique because I for some reason got into x-men in the past year and I know Lindsay loves the blue people

  • Chris Gurney

    Is it odd that in voting for Megatron I had to prove I’m not a robot? XD

  • vyers

    Sorry if this has been answered previously Lindsey, but I primarily follow you via RSS feed on this site, and I only seem to see you post polls for videos, not videos themselves. Are they eventually uploaded elsewhere?

    • Lindsay

      Yep, sorry, I figure anyone who comes here is coming from a different avenue
      – YouTube! – youtube.com/chezapoctube

      • vyers

        Thank you for the URL, I am one of those stubborn dinosaurs who tries to do all of my content creator following purely via RSS feeds. I thought this website would be an excellent primary source for all your content, and I really enjoyed the articles you’ve posted here; but after seeing about a dozen polls in a row with no video to follow them I had an embarrasingly delayed “Wait a minute….” moment.

        I know this is weird to do on Disqus thread under a comment of a comment, but if I might “real talk” for a minute: I’m really glad you’re still active as a creator on the internet. During the weird time of my life when I basically consumed EVERY video on TGWTG, you were my favourite producer on that site, for reasons I couldn’t really put my finger on at the time.

        I still credit you to this day though with the two revelations of “References aren’t comedy” and “Summarising isn’t reviewing” which was a real “Wool lifting from my eyes” moment for me as a consumer.

        That is probably why you were my favourite. You were doing things in a different way that was more… thoughful? Analytical? Non-chronological certainly. I don’t know really.

        Those revelations, in a funny way, is why I went from watching ALL of TGWTG to none in a relatively short period of time. Summarising Not Being Reviewing and References Not Being Comedy basically killed all that site’s content for me. I completely missed all the subsequent drama-meltdowns and rebranding as Channel Awesome because I had moved onto content like RedLetterMedia, which reminded me more of your style at a time when you seemed to have stopped making videos.

        So yeah, I’m glad you’re still active, and if you want a weird compliment from a faceless random on the internet: You changed how I look at media content forever.

  • TheBrett

    Voted Megatron. I know little about Mystique and Magneto, but even less about Transformers (unless we’re talking Beast Wars).

  • Andrew Slaughter

    I want Magneto so bad, but I’m pretty sure it will go to Mystique.

  • BlackCapeRonin

    This was tough, I like all these characters. But Magneto is so layered that its hard to imagine he wouldn’t make for a good episode. Plus, he was played by Sir Ian.

  • scribe drizz

    Voted for Megatron. I’ve got a bit of X-Men fatigue.

  • Dat cannon



    • Lindsay

      I may just pull an executive order and do Megatron later.

      • Marcus Maphesto Wedin

        Oh, please let this happen!

      • niemzo

        No, you should it democratically. Have 4 options:

        I can think of several world leaders who would approve.

      • Al Harken – Hail Hydra!

        Have you gotten a chance to read the More than meets the eye comic version of Megatron?

  • H Lutz

    No Medusa?

  • FiggityJones

    Voted for Mystique because out of all of them I think I’ve seen the widest range of interpretations of her. Should be a great episode regardless. They always are ^_^

  • Yvonne Golden

    A good idea for a Loose Canon episode would be mental illnesses. Lindsay could make a poll with the choices being the autism spectrum, schizophrenia, and some random third one I can’t think of but probably won’t matter. The first two will be most assuredly neck and neck.

  • Anthony N

    Hey Lindsay, this upcoming episode was supposed to be your choice. It’s the 12th and I was hoping you would do what you did with King Kong (the 6th one. You said after every 5th episode, the next one would be up to you) What’s up with that?

  • They Call Me The Fizz

    Looks like you’ve got a date with “Destiny”

  • Anonym

    This is the people you working for, typical hypocrite librael…I hope you end up living there.


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