Loose Canon 9: Historical Figures

Note, this is *fictionalized* portrayals only, meaning that historical accounts/biopics (i.e. Elizabeth, Downfall, All The President’s Men) don’t fall under that umbrella.

And I can’t edit a strawpoll but it’s Queen Elizabeth I, not Queen Elizabeth II.

  • My pick ain’t doin’ so hot. Darn.

  • MiscellaneousSoup

    I’m going to pick Richard Nixon, in the hopes that Futurama’s portrayal will be shown.

  • Blast_Action

    Queen E. in the lead! Yes!!

  • Tricky Dick is so much more fascinating because he was part of the film and TV generations that define modern pop-culture … Oh well.

  • SemIAm

    I’m thinking QE just because I want another excuse to hear a Chez Apocalypse member talk about one of Roland’s clusterfucks. Those are always amusing, whether it’s the Dark Nella Saga, or Kyle’s breakdown of the thing which would then have to be talked about again, and god damn, I’m a bit of a dick, aren’t I?

    • Lindsay

      oh my god I’d forgotten about that

      you monster

      • SemIAm

        I regret nothing.

      • David M Katzin

        Oh. His Anonymous review is one of my favorite things ever.

    • Angela Rajic

      There’s also that weird movie that was one of Kyle’s early reviews, where Elizabeth’s time travels to the 70’s and joins a punk gang or some such.

  • I was legitimately about to vote for Hitler (because that’s not totally obvious, riiiiight?) and then remembered Queenie from Blackadder II – a show which gleefully fists historical accuracy up the bumhole in the name of being one of the funniest things ever to grace television.

    Vote Elizabeth!

  • Jobbeybob

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I urge you all to vote for Richard Nixon.

    Nixon 2016.

  • Cinnamon Digory

    all three of these will make Lindsay watch Doctor Who 😀 yay!

  • THGhost

    Definitely Queen Elizabeth. Because Blackadder II 🙂

  • Matias Furia

    Yes, Hitler is obvious… but there are so many fictional versions and a lot of them are SO weird…

    • Angela Rajic

      And there’s that whole meme from that German movie with Bruno Ganz. Downfall I think?

      • Matias Furia

        Oh, yes, downfall videos! I love those, when they are well written.

  • Ryan Storey

    Hitler is too obvious. (Maybe in the future, though. Perhaps you could make the Hitler Spread “Mayonnaise Analogy” again, because that was funny.)

    Queen Elizabeth has always intrigued me, and it gives you leeway to discuss her media depictions under a feminist lens. Which is what you’re very good at doing, anyway. So I’m voting for Queen Elizabeth.

    But as much as I’m tired of really hearing about Hitler, and seeing arguably modern history’s greatest monster turn into a meme or an internet joke, Hitler intrigues me, as well.

    • De

      That’s why I voted QE too actually, Hitler fatigue.

  • Lily

    Nixon is a really interesting one. Especially for people of my generation (I’m 17), who only know a cursory amount about Watergate and even less about Nixon himself. US History classes in high school really gloss over a good deal because it’s assumed to be common knowledge, I think it’s because the people who can remember are still relatively young. There’s like a gap from WW2 to 9/11 that isn’t old enough to be history and isn’t recent enough to be a part of current events. It gets weird when most of the TV and movies we grew up watching reference and base elements on events from that gap. We end up learning a lot of half-truths and we often come out with the same misconceptions.

  • Claudia Lomelí

    Voted for Queen Elizabeth, and I’m surprised to see her on first place, I was kinda afraid/sure Hitler was gonna be the main pick.

    ETA: And it just hit me, it’s because of Doctor Who right?

  • Alfred

    I’m going with Adolf because you could include the movie “Er ist wieder da”, which came out just recently. International title is “Look Who’s Back”. (spoiler: it’s Hitler)

  • MeatyStakes

    Go Lizzie go!

  • Jack Smith

    Surprised Elizabeth is in the lead. Really thought Hitler would win this one.

  • datafox

    Really want Nixon, he is in Futurama and Watchmen.

    • Scott Sandler

      And Doctor Who (The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon)

  • Thom1000

    I voted Queen Bess just for Blackadder II, but if Hitler wins I hope you review Danger 5!

  • RobNiner

    It’s a real shame you can’t do both QE and Nixon. Adolf Hitler’s been done to death though.

  • Angela Rajic

    So, does Frost/Nixon count as Biopic or fictionalization?

    • James DeRiven

      Fictionalization, definitely. If you watch the Interview in the movie and then the real thing, there’s very few similarities. Frost/Nixon gives dramatic lighting, dramatic pauses, the whole acting works.

  • Regardless of which one you do, could you add Doctor who to the list?

    Especially Queen Elizabeth as she showed up 3 times in New Who. (4 if you count Beast Below)

  • I’m voting for Elizabeth just to hear your thoughts on “Crazy Eyes Lizzy” in Reign.

  • melinapendulum

    Elizabeth I is interesting to me because I (a) love that time period and (b) there is a lot of myth around her especially in comparison to her sister Mary I who is one of my favorite historical figures personally. Looking forward to this!!! <3

  • ME

    When David Bowie died Lindsay’s review of Labyrinth popped up on my youtube homepage. I found that even though I am a huge fan of the movie and I disagreed with parts of the review I still enjoyed the video. I started binge watching Nostalgia chick videos. I have seen almost all of them. I am really impressed with your presentation and well written reviews. It really shows in your reviews that you are an educated film theorist and filmmaker. Sorry for David Bowie’s passing but so glad to find an online movie expert/personality I truly enjoy watching!

  • Dante

    Voting for ol’ Liz because I feel her most accurate and fun portrayal was by Imelda Staunton in The Pirates in an Adventure with the Scientists

  • MichaelT

    Richard Nixon: Apparently less popular than Adolf Hitler.

  • John F. Wozniak

    Oh, if you’re going to do QE1 will you do anything about the Doctor Who version? (Probably only need to take note of “The Shakespeare Code”, “The End of Time Part 1” — and not very much of it — and “The Day of the Doctor”.)

  • Katt Willson

    Dear Internet Awesome Person.

    I am Hebrew Jewish.

    Australian-Jew. My second Language is Hebrew. Third is German.

    I hate the Lorax. I hate how Tumblr wants to fuck the onceler.

    Just out of curiosity, Lindsey O’ WISE INTERNET HUMAAAAAN

    Have you seen this version?


    Like. Wow. Holy God Damn shit.

  • Jesspen

    Ooh yes Queen Elizabeth. I’m in the light opera Merrie England currently which may have been one of her earliest portrayals in popular media. I’d love to hear your thoughts on it. Also your thoughts on Reign as the amazing cheesefest it is including a role from your Narnia doppleganger.

  • RobHeathers

    We want Nixon!! Okay, no… I just want you to review the late-90s teen-movie DICK. I miss that movie!!

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