• I want so badly for you and Elisa to do Phantom of the Opera!

    • gingerbreadwitch

      Elisa had some excellent cameos in Phantom Reviews. She is well prepared to assist.

  • Billy Bob Throrton

    Quasimodo’s bad voting turnout is very in character.
    We’re just like the assholes in the book(i voted Frankenstein)

    • Raiden

      That’s a shame. I really like Quasi. and I want Lindsay to talk about the major differences between the original book and the various versions. To my knowledge there has never been a truly accurate version of the Hunchback Of Notre dame ever brought to the big screen.

  • Mickie Steel

    I did not vote for Eric because I assume Lindsay will do one someday however this turns out.
    She probably has done most of the research (I don’t have a clue how many portrayals there have been, so this might be a very naive/ignorant statement).

    • gingerbreadwitch

      There are many. Very many. She will have fun with this~~~

  • Kenaz Fenix

    If phantom wins I hope you touch on Phantom of the Paradise in your video.

  • gingerbreadwitch

    Yes yes yes! I was on Phantom Reviews and am stoked for your analysis!

  • ManicQin

    I really hate the fact that I know this shit… but Bay Watch had a “Phantom of the opera”-esqe episode.

    I will now go to the corner and cry.

  • Looks more like the Person has spoken.

  • Jobbeybob


    My favourite fictional character lost by ONE VOTE?


  • X-Men’s poll being super close held the record for no time… and I doubt a tie will ever occur so this will stand the test of time.

  • Aero Zeppelin

    I hope that at some point the upcoming Phantom episode you have Todd at his keyboard playing the famous organ riff from the musical.

  • Hara Kim

    I’ve been waiting for you to make a video about the phantom since forever.

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