Farewell, Channel Awesome, and a pre-emptive FAQ

Now that I’m officially Old©, I find myself more and more drawn to tracing patterns. The other day I mentioned to Elisa that her son, Grey, wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Michael Bay, and that got me a look. It’s true, though; back in 2008 I had a friend whom I knew through Transformers – she sent me a review on YouTube by a guy calling himself “Nostalgia Critic” of the movie Space Jam, and I thought, hey, this guy’s pretty funny. A few months later, she sent me a video this guy had posted about the search for a “Nostalgia Chick.” I’m not sure why she sent this to me – apparently it wasn’t with the thought that I’d be a good fit. The truth is, I probably wouldn’t even have applied had circumstances in my life been different – I was just out of college, I’d lost my job, I didn’t know if I was going to stay in New York or not, desperately applying to grad school, life unravelling – typical post-college bullshit. But I did apply, and before long I was a part of the nascent thatguywiththeglasses.com, and a couple months later Paul was as well, and a few years later he would meet my friend, Elisa, and, well, now we have a Grey. Okay, I might joke that it was Michael Bay (with me, all roads lead to Michael Bay), but really it was Channel Awesome. The site has brought many a person together.

I could never have anticipated back in 2008 that decision to apply to be “Nostalgia Chick” would have such a profound impact on my life. If you’re reading this most probably it is because of the exposure I got from Channel Awesome. Even if you haven’t heard of CA and know me from somewhere else, you probably wouldn’t had I not joined the site. I most probably never would have gotten into web video at all had I not submitted that fateful video these six years past.

It probably comes as no surprise to know that I was never completely comfortable with the idea of “Nostalgia Chick” – of all of the site’s contributors, I was the only one whose primary show had been conceived before it was cast. The fact that so readily move onto things that weren’t “girly” has always been a point of contention, as I was never quite comfortable looking in hindsight at things I wasn’t familiar with. I didn’t grow up with “Rainbow Bright” guys, I don’t get it, and I never felt like I should just because you think I should only review “girl things.” To answer the inevitable “why”, though, is simply that it’s time to move on. Honestly that time was a long time ago; I just wasn’t willing to let go of the crutch the site had become for me. But like any relationship at its end, we were moving in different directions, and at this juncture it’s for the best for both of us that we part ways.

Pre-emptive FAQ

Where have you been? Why don’t you make videos anymore?

have, just not that often.

I made my full living off of online video from about 2011-2013, when I just got kind of burned out on it. Honestly I found it less stressful to do it for the love of the game than for money, but found also when I did, I just didn’t feel incentivized to be “Nostalgia Chick” anymore.

So I work as a freelance editor for television and film projects these days. Right now I’m working as assistant editor on a documentary for Al-Jazeera America.


Disappointingly, no.

Will you still be Nostalgia Chick?

No. I can’t in good conscience leave Channel Awesome and keep that name – it is too intrinsically tied to the TGWTG brand. It is, after all, the title for Doug’s distaff counterpart.

So, that’s it? Boom, done?

Not quite – I’m not severing the site so completely and immediately. The plan right now is to put up a few more videos with the site in the next month before we formally say goodbye. My last video as “Nostalgia Chick” will be Animorphs.

Is anyone else leaving too?

Well, if they are, it will be their story to tell, not mine.

Will they get a new Nostalgia Chick?

If I had to hazard a guess, I doubt it. Though I bet these people will be thrilled.

is it true that you’re an SJW illuminatic fempire who tricked Todd into saying fmnsms


Will you ever review Sailor Moon?


Are you going to keep doing videos?

Of course! I’ll still be doing with Maker, and I’ll still post videos to the Super Critics channel on YouTube. Just not as Nostalgia Chick.

What about Chez Apocalypse?

Well, it needs to be redesigned (which I am NOT looking forward to) but we’ll keep on trucking there as well. BYOA’s only on hiatus because I can’t figure out what’s wrong with my camera.

Are you mortal enemies of Channel Awesome?

God, I hope not. I don’t know what their long term plans are, but I hope to remain friends with Doug and company for years.

What will you do now?

I’d been planning for a long, long time to launch new shows (like BYOA) that were more in line with what I always wanted to do with film theory and pop culture discussions. I’ll keep my work as an editor, write for other sites like Tor.com, and I’ll also continue developing content with Maker, but exactly what form it will take? I’m not sure yet. I may be Old©, but I’m young, yet.

But either way, I thank you for sticking with me this long. Ever onward and upward!


  • Gimmethemtoes Smith

    so thats why u havent made a video since September

  • That’s a shame, I liked your reviews since they were more in depth. But I’ll probably like what you do next, so good luck with your new shows.

  • Ed Matuskey

    Love your work, Lindsay, even if I don’t haunt the CA producers as much as I used to. Looking forward to seeing what else you put out there! I really should add you to my Patreon stack, now that I think about it…Thanks for all the awesome NC vids! For the record, I loved the “Dark Nella” arc, btw. 😉

  • I mean, movies are cool. But they’re no substitute for alcohol and neo-pulp lit.

    Looking forward to whatever comes next!

  • acdulip

    Sad to hear it. Best of luck, Lindsay!

  • Jake

    You’ll always be in my heart… and on my Twitter feed, where I can enjoy your tweets about Starscream, booze, and Squirrel Girl for years to come 🙂

  • Marlot

    To be honest, the internet is such a rapidly changing culture that is kind of a surprise how long the Nostalgia Chick and thatguywiththeglasses lasted. I have always found your content thought-provoking and I quite enjoyed your departure from blow-by-blow-reviewing, so as long as you don’t disappear off the face of the earth entirely, I am looking forward to whatever next you decide to do.

    (Also: So relieved to hear that BYOA has not been cancelled!!!)

  • Scott Sandler

    How’s the Awoken sequel coming along?

  • As long as we’ll still be able to watch all of your old Nostalgia Chick videos, I have no complaints. Good luck Lindsay!

  • skybison biologist.

    Definitely a shame– I’ve been your fan through your work as NChick since a couple of years ago. Your videos were always great (even the ones where you weren’t familiar with the Nostalgia you were reviewing, like Jem, who is outrageous, truly, truly, truly) and always a one of a kind, in-depth analysis not just of the movie or series you were reviewing, itself, but of movie-making and the entertainment industry in general. They were unique and greatly appreciated.

    I’m looking forward to more stuff with BYOA and anything else you and yours decide to do in the future! I’ll always be a fan. (And I’m so excited for the next book, you have no idea.)

  • Joe

    Thanks for all the great work as the Nostalgia Chick over the years Lindsay! Looking forward to seeing what comes next for you

  • Bakuryukun

    I wish you the best. Your videos were some of my favourite on the site.

  • None

    Good luck with your job!

  • I liked you as Nostalgia Chick, and I LOVED you (in a fan way, not a creepy way) when you stopped being anything I could honestly call NC and I knew you as Lindsay Ellis. Not meaning that I ever knew you as a person, I mean when you were doing things that I could never see Doug (or Doug’s Harley Quinn?) doing, you drew me in and became one of my favorite producers. You have the focus that appeals to me, and I’m sure that what you do going forward will be equally creative and interesting.

  • Scott David Betson

    Best of luck on your future Endeavours Lindsey, I hope you can still remember the good times you had with everyone on the site and I hope you and the rest of Team Nostalgia Chick will follow you into the great beyond

  • Bruno Intriago

    I’m so sad to see you leave the site, you were my favorite reviewer on CA, I think you are a very smart person and I understand your decision to move on to other things, and as a guy about to graduate from sorta kinda film school, I wanna thank you for inspire me to keep going when I had doubts about the path I had chosen, THANK YOU SO MUCH and know that even when I disagree with some of your opinions, I have nothing but respect and admiration for you.

    Good Luck

    Sorry for my bad english

  • TheGuy2

    Usually a CA departure is usually accompanied by that person also not making videos anymore. Ecstatic to know you’ll still be making stuff. It’s your work we care about, not the label it’s under!

    Also, since you’re breaking free from a distaff title, this seems like a good time to do a Loose Canon (if you’re still doing that series) on Batgirl (Barbara Gordon), in my opinion.

    Good luck to you, Lindsay!

    • Scott Sandler

      Oh yes I totally hope Loose Canon lasts a while, and I mean attains many episodes, not incredibly long gaps between them

      • Lindsay

        Oh yeah, that one will still keep on trucking! Just not as part of the “Nostalgia Chick” brand.

  • Scott Sandler

    I’m gonna be honest, I found it funny that in The Review Must Go On, Awesomeverse!Lindsay was trying so desperately to keep hold of the nostalgia monopoly when in all of 2013 (and 2014), she/you didn’t do much with the Nostalgia Chick moniker anyway. Which is fine. At least you still have your ties, and I’m looking forward to what comes next

  • Dr. Computer

    Best of luck in your pursuits.

  • Lucas Ryan

    You’ve got a great perspective on film and pop culture! I’m looking forward to seeing what you do from here. The internet gave us all a chance to find critical perspectives that we enjoy and respect, and I’m always delighted on those too-rare occasions when I get to hear yours. You ate the whole plate. The WHOLE PLATE. Someone clear the table and have Michael Bay back up the Krispy Kreme truck: it’s time for the 2nd course!

  • Justin Caynon

    I plan on keeping up with your stuff!

  • Sebastian Villegas

    Well, I guess it had to happen. I’ve supported you from day one since the Pocahontas review. You got to do what you got to do. I’ll miss you.

  • empathylouis

    We truly hope the best for you, Lindsay! God bless!

  • Katherine

    As long as you talk about transformers and michael bay, I will watch anything you produce 😉 good luck

  • Steven Wells

    so its just like chsnging from robin to nightwing

    • Lindsay

      That might be the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me.

      • Dylan

        Well Lindsay Good luck and become the Butterfly. Good wishes to you on the next step of your evolutionary Journey.

      • thefourlights

        Well I hope your parents didn’t die during the trapeze act.

      • grkpektis3

        After reading Phelous and Lupas goodbye posts I don’t blame you for leaving those dickheads. I will continue to watch your videos.

        • Meda

          Ditto. I love Lupa, Phelous, Oan, and Team Chick, and I’ll follow them where-ever they go. Best of luck, stay safe and happy in whatever you decide to do.

      • rarey4

        Sorry to see you go even if I though I wasn’t a fan after you started getting serious.

        Thanks for the good times Lindsay. 🙂

      • Sam

        When I clicked the link it sent me to a charity thing then wouldn’t let me leave… Was that supposed to happen?

      • Graham Barnes

        Don’t take the wrong way but i don’t think you caught Doug’s reviewing style, trying to be female version of him, also kickassia sucked, i see you more on the lines of

    • TheGuy2

      Or Batgirl to Oracle? Though without the shooting in the spine, obviously…

      • Better that than going from Speedy to Arsenal. 😉

        • TheGuy2

          Or Jason Todd to Red Hood!

          • Marty Scott

            Anything is better than Jason Todd.

          • Losero

            Screw you! Jason was awesome. The writers screwed him up.

          • CharlesMabe

            I didn’t hate Jason Todd.

          • GHOSTWRITTA word

            You’re trying to escalate, but nothing is worse than Speedy to Arsenal.

        • Gregory McIntyre

          how about kid flash to flash?

      • David M Katzin

        Doesn’t anyone else want to compare Lindsay to Kitty Pryde? Anybody?

        • WxsOnline

          Favorite reviewer as favorite X-Men character… yes please.

      • Firestorm

        Dammit, you did the joke first!

        Fuck – this is why I should scan all the comments before I reply.

    • Laura

      Or peanut butter to Nutella! 😀

      • CharlesMabe

        Eh, Nutella is basically cake frosting. Peanut butter and Nutella have almost nothing in common, just like mayonnaise and Miracle Whip have almost nothing in common.

    • Jeffery Adam Phillips

      And now I’m imagining Lindsay in the Nightwing costume. Thanks. XD

    • Firestorm

      Or more fittingly, Batgirl to Oracle, only without the crippling bullet to the spine.

  • Curly Sam

    I wish you the best, seriously, I do, but why?? 🙁 We’ll miss you!

  • Someone or Another

    I am glad for every video you’ve put out. Each one had something hilarious or insightful or both. The vids on Disney and Dreamworks, on the Smurfette Principle, on the “blonde girls in music” thing… I was just watching your videos shouting “YES” the entire time. You had an interesting perspective on things and articulated your views really well in your videos.

    I really look forward to everything you have planned. You’re a great reviewer, a great thinker, and a great person, it seems.

    Also I think you’re really pretty and you got me really interested in the behind-the-scenes stuff in film-making and I really look up to you. ^^

    Good luck in everything you do, and thanks for everything you’ve done so far. 🙂

  • Samwise

    Glad to hear you’ve been working with A.J. news- and I look forward to whatever content you care to make in future.

  • poohat

    Good. I’ve often though you’ve been held back by the Nostalgia Chick label for a while. Glad you’re moving onto better things. Hope it all works out for you!

  • them0use

    I’ve been a fan since I first saw your Labrynth video shortly after it came out. Thank you for years of fun. For what it’s worth, I’ve been intentionally referring to you by your name instead of “Nostalgia Chick” for a while now, since it seemed clear that NC was a label you didn’t choose and wouldn’t have chosen. Whatever name you use, I hope you keep creating in whatever way suits you best, and that you we keep getting to enjoy the results. Again, thanks for everything!

  • Yanis Khamsi

    Lindsay you really are brilliant. You have the charisma and the intelligence to rival any television personality. I’m really sad to see you go. Your insight into film is awe inspiring. I would rather have had you than many of my film professors.

    PS. I always thought you were a great singer. Hope to see more of that.

  • BonzaiDBSM


    Seriously, best of luck on the new stuff going forward!

  • The latter day NChick videos where you stepped away from the moniker and NC template to just use the camera to analyze movies/pop cultural things definitely helped steer me into film media discussion found on sites like The Dissolve or Film Crit Hulk’s essays. I was still in high school when you started and now I’m in the middle of college where I feel infinitely more confident in who I am as a film student and what I find interesting as a writer. I think you have only gotten more confident in the kind of media you put out be it in video or written form and I don’t expect anything less from you in the future.


  • RosePsyche

    I think we’ll all be sad to see you retire your long-held title, but it’s honestly the best thing for you to do if you’ve never really been comfortable with it. You’ve always had extremely interesting views on films and pop culture, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you’ll do after shedding the Nostalgia Chick mantle. My only question is, since the BYOA videos show up under Nella’s name on Channel Awesome, will those continue to be uploaded onto the site, or should we keep checking out Chez Apocalypse for them?
    Regardless of what happens, I wish you good luck and lots of video views in the future.

  • ravenstromdans

    I watched you from your very first Nostalgia Chick video and have been a fan ever since. I’ve enjoyed watching you the whole time and though I’ve admittedly fallen by the wayside video-wise even as you’ve tapered off your own activity (largely because of being unable to afford an internet connection at home), I still have fond memories of what I did see. Mostly, I remember being entranced by your dancing, enthralled with your percussive collaborative reviews and blown away by your intelligence.

    I look forward to what you get up to next and wish you, as always, a

    Good Journey.

    • TheBrett

      For me, it was the “Thumbelina” review that got me to start following her work. I think she’s always done a better job than Doug at doing reviews without having the “zany” comedy elements get in the way too much.

  • Marie

    Just wanted to say I’ve enjoyed your work since I started watching several years ago. Your videos were insightful and funny and made me smile when I needed to. Well wishes and best of luck to you in the future!

  • MohammedR

    I’m not going to say that i am not sad, this sucks =( But i guess you need this move and all i can say is good luck ^_____^

  • Damian

    To be honest Lindsay, I never saw you as Nostalgia Chick. You were just Lindsay Ellis and I looked forward to your insightful reviews regardless of what gender the work was aiming for. I look foward to seeing what you do next and wish you all the best in your endeavors. Keep on truckin and remember, Everybody got AIDS and shit.

    • FabioC

      Nostalgia chick was aiming towards females?

  • That’s okay.

  • Adam Robert Sherman

    I wish I had watched more of your videos, and it’s sad to hear you won’t be part of Channel Awesome anymore.
    I still hope wherever the road takes you, it makes you into a great filmmaker.

  • It’s always nice to see you grow and expand your horizons and move forward, Lindsay. I have been a huge fan ever since your first video back in the day and I’m still a huge fan. You’re my favorite reviewer on the internet and I always love how in-depth you go into your discussions and I have always aspired to be the same way. Nostalgia Chick or not, I’m a fan of YOU and will continue to be. I look forward to what you put out next.

  • Good luck on your future endeavors!

  • Danzie

    All the best, Lindsay.

    Thank you for being such an inspiration. You’re the reason I started making my own videos. <3

  • Nick Lewis

    Well that’s ruined my weekend. Thanks a lot

  • BC

    Dearest Nostalgia Chick..(clears throat) I mean Lindsay,

    In light of the news of your departure from Channel Awesome, I do wish you all the best in your future endeavors. Your videos made a fan in me back when I didn’t know anything of CA. I caught a few videos of Nostalgia Critic way back when (back when I had a full head of hair,but I digress). I was entertained by him, but I felt there was something missing to make me watch more videos. YOU were that missing something. I’ve had the pleasure of watching all your videos, and you even inspired me to get back at performing stand up comedy. It’s pretty sad to hear of your departure,but I understand as adults,we all need to grow up, artistically speaking in this case. So I won’t say goodbye, but I will say Thank You for all the videos, all the laughs, and all the memories. Take care.

    Brice Foster

  • João Monteiro

    I remember way back in 2008 i saw this guy in youtube that made me laugh like a maniac and took a lot of my worries way for the few minutes he was on screen and made my life just a bit brighter. That guy was Noah Antweiller, the Spoony one. Through him, I got to meet Channel Awesome and Doug Walker and I regularly watched their videos.

    It was during one of those times I saw Doug review “Ferngully”, only this time he brought someone else with him. It was this girl, this brash little thing with an attitude and a concertina, cracking jokes along with the site´s main dude and all sorts of questions went through my mind. Who is that girl, I wondered. Where did they get her? She looks too pretty to be a nerd like the rest of us. She looks too perfect. Has to be a fake to draw viewers in who want more than just than a bearded dude on screen.

    Turned out to be true, after all. Who´d have guessed? Definitely not a big alligator moment right there…

    For the past 6 years I have been following the site and (most) of it´s members, regularly checking up on all of you. During that time, I have watched you bring forth several note-worthy thoughts, saw you laugh, saw you cry, I even got to see you sing (a surprise right there, since I belong to that category of people who should be paid NOT to). I saw you not as “the dudette”, as someone who was brought on board to present the “girly” side of movies or tv shows, but as someone bright who had a strong investment on matters and had a piece of her mind to share.

    i regret it clashed with the “Nostalgia Chick´s” role´s original intention to a point you felt you needed to leave the site. However, you should do as you feel is right and go onward with your life.

    I wish I get to see your videos and projects for years to come. You have becom one of my life´s brigthest lights and here´s hoping that light never fades.

    Thank you.

  • Original_Outcast

    I feel bad that you have to leave but if anything, Your “Cruel Intentions” Review helped me a great deal. 🙂

  • Matt Williamson

    Certainly going to be missed – you were always one of the members who when I visited the site even if I didn’t see your name on the main feed I would search blip just to see if another one was already there waiting to be uploaded because they were such consistent quality and even if I found myself strongly disagreeing with your points, it was rarely something where I couldn’t understand your perspective at least.

  • nerina

    I actually liked your “new”, less-Nostalgia Chick-ish style of videos a lot more than the first ones (although the “puppies!!!” gag is dearly missed), so I’m looking forward to your new, future stuff as just Lindsay.

  • Fran Kilshaw

    I love that that stupid petition only had four signatures.

    • Cory Clemensen

      lol! I didn’t check to see how many signatures there were but that’s amazing. Lindsay is the best (even though I just realized I think I’ve been spelling her name wrong… shit!)

  • InsanityIsOverrated

    Even if “leaving CA” meant “not doing any more videos again, ever” we’d have to respect that choice. I’m of course thrilled to hear that you’re still going to produce content! I would’ve really missed your insights into [name anything here]. I’m glad CA/TGWTG lead me to find your videos, have been watching them ever since Pocahontas, and I’m happy to now stick with you and follow whichever content you release.

  • Marty Scott

    Only one thing to say, “Everyone got AIDS and shit.” Loved your reviews and for me it was the TLC review that sticks with me, as it spoke to me when I was coming to terms after a traumatic loss

  • Thomas FitzPatrick

    Please, immediately cease and desist from calling yourself old. Not only is it a boldfaced lie, it is also deeply unsettling for those of us trying to remain blissfully delusional about the implications of our own (considerably higher) age! Thank you!

    Oh, and… good luck and stuff! 🙂

  • David Glass

    *single tear* Sad to see you go, Lindsay, you were my favorite reviewer on the site.

  • Toli Bera

    Changes come to all of us. I’ve been a fan of your videos since I saw Pocahontas on TGWTG, and as someone who’s dove into the realm of Film Analysis I gotta say your style of reviewing is a solid knock-out. Looking forward to seeing what comes in future for you 🙂

    will you still be open to doing cameos/cross overs for the site?

  • Rob

    Thanks for everything Lindsay.
    Ever since I found TGWTG back in 2012 I’ve loved watching your stuff, the Freddy Got Fingered episode remains one of my favourites.
    It’s because of people like Doug, Todd, Brad and yourself that I decided to study Media Production, seeing that people could make stuff at home that thousands of people love watching inspires me and your videos were pivotal in that role.
    I wish you all the best for the future.

  • randommale7

    Dang it, you were probably my favourite reviewer on CA with Kyle being my second, I’ve been binging of his stuff in your absence. I’m going to miss you on Channel awesome but hope to see your new material. Ps- You never felt like Nostalgia Chick; to me you always felt like your own thing.

  • Phil

    Thanks for all of the great memories, I started watching videos on TGWTG around the time you started on the site, (your videos appealed to me in a way doug’s didn’t). I appreciate all that you gave and enjoyed all of the videos you made. Looking forward to seeing more content from you in the future.

  • Jonathan Campbell

    Well, as someone who only really discovered Internet Video Reviewing almost exactly a year ago (in fact the very first video review I watched was “Matilda”), and since I mostly watch you on Chez Apocalypse these days anyway, this isn’t really a big bummer for me, since your more analytical, less Chick-y reviews were what I watched more of anyway.

    I’m glad to hear you’ll still be making content since you were and are one of my favourite reviewers. And I watch an unhealthy LOT of reviewers.

    Actually this doesn’t bother me much at all. I enjoy Channel Awesome, but Chez>CA. Looking forward to the redesign (even if you aren’t) and hope to see more you in the future.

  • Lindsay, best of luck to you and everything you do from here on out. Your videos have always been insightful and I know people will support you regardless of what you do. Yes, it’s sad to see you go. BUT! You’re moving on to bigger and brighter things, right? You are spreading your wings as it were.

    Remember to never forget the little people! And yes, I mean Kali. =)

  • Algernon84

    Personally, I say the new Nostalgia Chick should be Doug in drag.

    • Erin Roach

      That could be a really funny/touching idea. Imagine a month were Doug as the Nostalgia Critic is dealing with the lost of his “enemy”. He reviews movies dealing with ‘Boys VS Girls’ narratives to stick it to the Nostalgia Chick. HOWEVER, someone keeps interrupting him. A shadowed figure that speaks for the ‘girly’ side of the issue. As the month goes on, he becomes determined to find out who this person is. He thinks it might be the Nostalgia Chick and when he goes to come front Lindsay (In character,maybe the last episode or second to last episode of the month) she explains that it’s not her. They can have a small bit of banter (Because their banter was always really cute and silly) before the shadowed figure returns and insist it isn’t not her. The lat episode, Doug is able to track down where the shadow figure is broadcasting and it turns out to be himself in drag. At the moment, he has a flash back to why he did it. Deep down he realizes that he’s going to miss his ‘female counterpart’ even if she was a pain to him. She still have valid points and he feels like apart of him is lost without her. Lindsay, being slightly disturbed but a bit touched; explains to him (and the audience) that just because she is no longer the Nostalgia Chick, that doesn’t mean she’s gone forever. -Insert promos here- and Lindsay gives her final fair well to the Nostalgia Critic and her fans.
      The Nostalgia Critic gets some character development. Lindsay says good bye.

    • Al Youstic

      Well, at one point, Linkara was Lindsay in drag.

      Go to 9:19.

  • Murilo Souza

    Hey, I’d like to say a few things. You videos are a ton of fun, and in fact I liked a LOT when you moved from the chick-flick theme, because… It felt so much more authentic. I watched you ID x WotW threr times and still laughing. Anyway, wish you the Best and thanks for all the fun and insights you gave us!

  • SpoonyViking

    Can I just be entirely selfish and say that as long as you’ll still be posting videos, I’m not that sad to see you leave Channel Awesome? 😛
    Love your stuff, Miss Ellis, and best of luck with whatever road you decide to take!

  • Polina

    I’m so happy you’re still going to be doing videos! Are you going to do a 2014 best/worst list? There are so many movies from this year I’d love to hear you discuss

  • Justin Chambers

    So you ever going to put that Dune review back up? 😉

  • Will

    This really bums me out. NChick was one of my favorite shows on the site. I loved the more analytical format, the recurring jokes and musical cues, and your experiments with storylines and characters. I’m really gonna miss the show, but I’m happy to hear you have others planned.

    But really, the saddest news of all is: with all the references to it over the years, I was sure your final NChick would be a big, glorious musical review of Lloyd-Weber’s “Phantom.”

  • Ronka

    Been a fan for years, glad you’re going to keep making vids, even if it’s on a different site.

  • Robert Willing

    I wish you the best of luck Lindsay, been a huge fan of your work on the site and I understand you’re need to move on.

    Hope you’re still coming to Midwest Media Expo so I can tell you that in person as well

    • Lindsay

      I’ll be there, and I’ll see you then!

  • LionessKate

    I’ve always found you fun and relatable and will continue to watch your future videos. Have fun with the SJW illuminati/fempire stuff. Also, yay Animorphs.

  • bk8718

    Lindsay, you’re amazing and brilliant. Your videos always managed to bring a smile to my face, and I can’t wait to see what you do next. And you picked a brilliant topic for your last review.

    And while the last thing I’m sure you want to see is an episode request (although I could justify this as simply asking for an update on an existing project), I’m going to kick myself if I don’t ask. A while back you mentioned doing a Phantom review with Todd and Kyle. If it’s too involved for you at this time, I completely understand, and the last thing I want you do is something you’re not enthusiastic about. But selfishly, it’s something that I’d very much like to see, as your Les Mis review is one of my favorites.

    • Lindsay

      Oh I will still tackle phantom. Just not as NChick. 😉

  • Mair

    You’re probably one of the first reviewers I followed from start to finish, and many a happy hour did it bring me. I’d be lying if I said I was shocked by your announcement. It’s been pretty clear for a while that we’ve been seeing more of Lindsay Ellis in your videos than the Nostalgia Chick, which suits me fine as I like Lindsay Ellis. I’ve always enjoyed listening to your more analytical perspective and even learnt a thing or two, so thank you for giving all your effort to making those videos. I’ll miss seeing the Nostalgia Chick name up on the site but I’m looking forward to see what your clever mind will come up with next. Especially the Loose Canon videos. Again thank you for sharing your talent and good luck with your future endeavours!

  • starss

    Yikes. And just when I planned to met the CA grew at Momocon…

  • I’m kinda shocked that you didn’t sign that petition yourself. That seems like the kind of thing you’d do. 😉

  • Jeff Pape

    I admit, I had noticed you getting away from what was supposed to be the “job” of a “nostalgia chick” and I didnt mind it as I just enjoyed your reviews so I am completely fine with this as long as you are doing what you want to do and have enjoyment. You do these videos for to enjoy and I will always be a fan and cant wait to see your future endeavors 🙂 Thank you for being awesome Lindsay!

  • Daniel Diaz

    At any rate, thank you so very much for the years of laughter. I’m really going to miss the character, but as Iroh once said “If you follow your passions life will reward you”. Good luck and I’ll make sure to catch that documentary.

  • Marco

    LINDSAY LIVES. XD But seriously, great to see you again, happy for you, and good luck.

  • Kraas

    The character had a good run and I’m glad I was there to watch it all. Good luck with all your other work and if/when you make new stuff I’ll watch that as well.

  • rubi-kun

    Glad to see you’re still making videos. Moving on from “The Nostalgia Chick” makes sense. Don’t necessarily understand all the website stuff (so all the other Chezpocalypse people join Channel Awesome while you leave Channel Awesome but still are friends with and share a Youtube channel with Channel Awesome people?) but it’s not like any of that stuff matters. Good luck with whatever’s next. Can’t wait for Arisen!

  • I first discovered Nostalgia Chick last year while trying to figure out the source of that hot-dogs-in-the-face animated gif (which is still my favorite animated gif of all time, btw). Watching the Nostalgia Chick videos, I wasn’t aware that you hadn’t created the character, but looking back, I can see that there was an uneasiness to some of the videos (the Jem video in particular comes to mind), so it makes a lot more sense now in light of your explanation. I’m glad you’re breaking up with Nostalgia Chick as she was never right for you.

    Lindsay, you’ve got a natural charisma that makes people want to watch and listen. Use that gift for good, not evil. I wish you great success in the future, wherever life may take you.

  • Kaiju

    G’byeeee n g’luck! *waves* O A O

  • Rick

    In the hands of a lesser talent, The Nostalgia Chick never would have gotten off of the ground. Thank you for making her such a memorable character. I’m sure that your future work will be even better than what came before. Excelsior!

  • Mickael Duncan

    Won’t lie Lindsay, I’ll miss the pigtails.

  • Joke Nijs

    Good luck to you! Thank you so much for all the amazing content you have produced as “Nostalgia Chick” over the years, your insights have been highly educational to me (from ‘how awful is Reality Bites exactly?’ to the Smurfette principle)!
    I have yet to play the Hercules Drinking Game, though. One day!

  • TemenCMoth

    It was awesome being able to see what you made for all those years. I wish you always the best girl, you’re a big inspiration.
    Now I’m gonna go see how many others said the exact same thing and maybe cry. Only because I’m a sensitive person though- really. I’m super glad for you. :^)

  • Brandon Lake

    So will you be doing reviews as yourself, or are you going to invent a new character?

  • nikuchan

    Sad to see you leave CA, as I’ve enjoyed your videos over the years and your special brand of snark (you should seriously consider getting a patent on that). I’m still following you on Twitter, so I will be looking forward to your future endeavors, Lindsay Ellis.

  • Davide Campari

    The post made me a bit sad. But just a bit. After all, you’re going to keep doing stuff, which is always a good thing! And the fact that the last review of the Nostalgia Chick will be about my #1 nostalgic thing of all times (the books, of course, not the horrible TV series) is almost bittersweet.

    Also, Lindsay, do you plan on doing a video about the best and the worst movies of 2014? I’d love to see your opinion about last year’s movies.

  • Jonias Costa

    Michael Bay is the reason I intend on becoming a director. Actually you’re the reason, but if there’s one thing I learned in life is that all roads truly do lead to The Bay. I actually think that the further you distanced yourself from the Nostalgia Chick character, the more genuine and interesting your reviews were. You made me see culture in a different light, as something that has a deep effect on the world, thank you for that. I look forward to see whatever you do next. BTW all these years later and genocided is still not a verb.

  • TheBrett

    I’m not really sad that you’re leaving Channel Awesome – it felt like you had moved on already to newer and better things even if your Chez Apocalypse stuff did end up getting cross-posted there. You’d already outgrown the constraints of the Nostalgia Chick persona.

    Thanks for years of entertainment and enlightenment, and I’ll be watching your new videos.

  • Hannah B

    Lindsay, thank you so much for the work you’ve done as NC. Your videos are some of the smartest and most engaging that I’ve come across in my time on the internet, and they will be missed. However, if it’s on to bigger and better things for you, all I can do is truly wish you the best. I truly hope that you find success in everything that you do, and I look forward to any sort of cameos we may see of you in the future!

  • Halosoulfire

    Thanks for being honest about why your preparing to leave and on what terms. Its also great that you’re the work outside of making video’s and congratulations on the assistant editor position.

  • De

    I’m glad you’ll still be making videos. I guess I’m getting old too, all the net places I used to go for entertainment are ending and I haven’t replaced them with anything over the years.

    I especially hope you intend to do lots of writing, but I’m biased, being a writer myself. Talking about coincidences that have changed our lives; I’d have never started watching Kyle if he hadn’t joined Chezapocalypse and I’ve experienced not one but two life changing revelations while watching episodes of Brows Held High. The first and most important one was during the first episode I ever watched, Melancholia, which led me to realizing that I was obsessively watching internet review shows because I was bored and lonely. After that I made an effort to reconnect with old friends and make new friends, eventually it led to me quitting my dead end wage slave job to try and actually do something with my life. I don’t know as I would have ever mustered the nerve to try if I hadn’t had so many examples on Channel Awesome and Chezapocalypse to follow.

  • InsanityIsOverrated

    Will your NChick videos still be available on Channel Awesome or will they be deleted? If so, where will we be able to find them?

  • Tia Wheeler

    Stay gold, Ms. Ellis.

  • Mr. Shellacky

    I guess you’re aborting this part of your life too.

    • Hieronymous Pseudonymous

      WTF, dude…

    • Justin

      It’s a shame your mom made the wrong choice.

    • Kynan

      This is one of the most disgusting, nastiest, rudest comments I have ever read. I hope you can one day look at yourself closely and realise the error of your ways.

  • Jasoco

    Will you still be doing Game of Thrones episode recaps with Todd every week when the new season starts? I really enjoyed those last year.

  • Zaid

    Good luck, Lindsay! You were awesome as The Nostalgia Chick! I have to say that the best moments from you were in reviews and the anniversary specials. 🙂 Good luck and I hope to see what you plan on doing next! 🙂

  • Dragan Boskovic

    To be honest, most of your fan base probably always belonged to Lindsay, not Nostalgia Chick. Like when you watch a movie for the actor, not for the role.

  • Hieronymous Pseudonymous

    Where can I find your work with Maker? I was unaware of it…

    • Hieronymous Pseudonymous

      Also, have we officially found out what the secret thing with
      very many episodes that you were working on is yet?
      (I can’t remember which video that was mentioned in.)

      • Dave Ulrich

        Did you notice how she keep pushing the stuffed Pikachu at the camera?

        • Hieronymous Pseudonymous

          I don’t remember. Seriously, Pokemon?! LOL.

          What about that Maker stuff?

  • David M Katzin

    Thanks for all you’ve done. Your videos have really helped me through a rough year or so of blockage and really taught me to trust and share with my friends after a long time of feeling closed off creatively. Including Nella, Elisa, et al on a regular basis as opposed going the “crossover” route always made me feel like the road to insight and analysis was a collaborative, communal experience, not just one person proselytizing a certain viewpoint. Though, I won’t deny I won’t miss it when the other CA contributors address you as “Chick.” I was always half expected you to go Jessie Spano on their asses. And by “go Jessie Spano,” I meant either that you would address the problem or that you’d sing “I’m So Excited” and cry. Both options would have results.

  • Fusionater

    I’ve never personally been a huge fan of your work, but I wish you the best with your future projects and endeavors, good luck!

  • thefourlights

    By the end of the Darknella saga I really hoped you would stop doing those silly skits and you did. The more in depth analysis were a lot more fun to watch. The only charm I’m really gonna miss is Nella though.

  • LarryBundyJr

    I can’t say I’m not jealous of you L, I’d give my right arm for Channel Awesome to give me the same treatment and respect they gave you there. (for example: I’m still waiting for a 30 second clip from Doug for a video I was promised over two years ago and have never once had the top slot on the videos).

    But I do wish you the very best of luck for the future! being “yourself” and not being associated as being part of something else will only make your brand stronger!

  • Antonio Pedro

    I understand and support your decision, but I’m a bit saddened because you probably won’t ever be on the anniversary specials again…

  • muddlewait

    My 13-year-old daughter loves you and your gang (Nella & Co.). Yes, I’m a terrible father for allowing her to watch this stuff. And no, I’m actually not.

    Doug might make her laugh more, but you make her think, *and* you make her stronger, and she knows it. I have one request: in your goodbye videos, could you mention the “Robin to Nightwing” comparison? If it feels right to you, she’ll love that, and I think it’ll help make the whole thing make perfect sense to her.

    Plus, Nightwing is cooler than Batman. Yeah, I said it.

  • Sarah Dompkowski

    You’re the reason I became a fan of TGWTG/Channel Awesome at all, about six years ago. I was on tvtropes, reading the Labyrinth page, and a quote from your review was at the top. I clicked through and watched your video, and started watching more. Your videos have cheered me up on bad days, made me think, helped me connect with people from all over, and led to some of my closest friendships.
    I’m looking forward to more BYOA and similar analytical videos, and the redesign of Chez Apocalypse.
    Thank you so much, and I wish you luck with your future plans.

  • Filipa Teixeira

    I’ve watched your videos from the very beggining and althouth it is true that i discovered you through the NC I’ve never considered you a mere female counterpart.

    You were never the Nostalgic Chic for me and the thing I loved the most was the joy you seemed to put in everything you did, especially when accompanied by your friends (I do adore Nella).

    For a while now the videos are few, far between and they lack the laughter, the joy they once had. Although I still love them because I considerer you a very intelligent film critic, the truth is that you should seek what makes you happy and if you do decide to continue making videos your fans will follow.

    Thank you for all your hard work and I hope you know you will be missed.

    Good Luck!

  • kaplands

    While I’m sad that you’re no longer going to be Nostalgia Chick, I’m happy that you are going to go find bigger and better things (not that Channel Awesome isn’t big and great). I’m super happy that you’ll be still making videos though. Nostalgia Critic was great, but I think my favourite videos were you talking as yourself. You have been a great inspiration to me and I wish you luck on all your future endeavors.

  • michael

    Lindsay over the years you have provided me with so much joy while at the same time teaching me about things like ; screenwriting , film theory , film history , etc . You’ve taught me more than anyone else on the site and you are my major inspiration to want to major in film and I hope everything goes well for you on all your endeavors.

  • Tori Rhodes

    I think most of us could see this coming. It dawned on me about a months back how quiet things have been since Grey was born, and I was thinking this might be a natural stepping off point for you.

    I’ll continue to be your fan. You’ve got a unique perspective, and no matter what title you might have, it’s always been fun to hear what you have to say.

  • Schming

    You know, its a long time since I watched any channel awesome stuff. Life took over and I myself became old, but when I did yours were the videos I enjoyed the most, particularly when it was clear you were talking about things you had a passion for, as opposed to publicly mandated stuff you “had” to review. I still link your more opinion based p, serious videos to many friends for their wise words about a number of topics….and for sillyness sake am still in love with the Les Mis video! While I haven’t kept up with your output for the last couple of years I’m glad to hear you are making strides into the areas that will bring you contentment. The peak of my viewing came from a time when I suffered from clinical depression and your videos were always a source of amusement and inspiration for me. Now I am in there career I want and love, traveling the world and much happier. So thankyou, and good luck

  • Rela Similä

    I guess all I really have to say is ‘thank you’. I’ve loved your videos ever since the beginning, and they really have meant the world to me on hard days. You were – and most likely always will be – one of my favorite CA producers and one of the reasons I started visiting the site regularly. Thank you so much, for everything.

    Buuut, if you’re not going to dissapear completely, I won’t cry too much 😀 Rock on, you’re awesome. Best of luck in your future adventures!

  • I came across your show (and TGWTG in general) when I was a young and impressionable ninth grader, and I can definitely say that you’ve influenced me a lot. Now I’m a (still impressionable but not as much) 20-year old college student, and I still look forward to your videos.
    You were one of the first feminist figures I had come across (back in the days when I thought ‘feminist’ meant something completely different and terrible). You’ve helped me think more critically about women in media, how often we appear and how we’re portrayed. Actually, you’ve just made me think more critically about Hollywood in general. Don’t know what else to say except that I admire you – a lot!
    Looking forward to what you’ve got planned, and thanks for all your work at CA 🙂

  • Corey Lucas

    I’ll miss you reviews so badly! Good Luck, Lindsey!

  • Ulrik Raben

    Such a shame.

  • Herostratus356

    Good luck Lindsay!

  • Elizabeth Smith

    As long as Booze Your Own Adventure is still a thing, I’m ecstatic

  • Ryan Hynes

    Well, I’ll continue to support your work no matter what: you’ve produced some of my favourite content on the site for years, and I’m sure your new work will continue to draw me in.

  • Trevor L.

    I honestly think the whole idea of a “Nostalgia Chick” is kinda sexist to begin with. As a guy myself, I loved watching my Little Pony as a kid, and enjoy a decent amount of “chick flicks.” People should just review what they are familiar with, regardless of societal stereotypes. So, more power to you Lindsay! Have fun transforming into Nightwing! Seriously, please do a video wearing Nightwing cosplay – THAT WOULD BE EPIC!

    • Lindsay

      It is, but hey, at least now we can admit it. XD

  • Kristopher Henry

    I wish you all the best in your future endeavors and hope that you continue to find joy in what you do, everyone deserves at least that much. I hope that you find more success outside of the Nostalgia Critic character than you did within it (I wouldn’t wish you less). I will say that I am not a fan, your work on CA/TGWTG was just not for me but I hope you find more personal fulfillment in something you create and not something you were fit into.

  • grkpektis3

    After reading Phelous and Lupas goodbye posts I don’t blame you for leaving those dickheads. I will continue to watch.

  • Austin Covello

    I don’t always like/agree with your reviews, but you’re one hell of a critic. I’m glad you aren’t burning your bridges with CA. Give those assholes at 4chan/8chan hell, (they deserve it!), but I hope you can meet us moderates halfway in your quest for social justice.

    Todd’s still my favorite reviewer on the site!

  • Joseph Dzencelowcz

    (Sigh) so many people leaving CA……it’s like I got on this awesome party train, but it’s on its last run before being retired……(sigh)…… :'(

  • dan2mc

    Not that you guys left for the same reason, but any opinion on Phelous’ decision to leave?
    Either way, love your reviews and wish you all the best in the future!

  • TheSilverRanger

    Thank god you decided to leave. You are a sheer unadulterated reminder, Lindsay, that liberalism truly is indeed, a mental disorder.

  • Kazin

    Sounds like Channel Awesome is falling apart. Can’t say I didn’t see this coming years ago.

  • majora

    You and todd will be covers game of thrones season 5 right?

  • John

    A little late to the party…I’m sorry to hear of your parting with CA but I figure brighter things are ahead. I really enjoyed your episodes, especially the later ones where you discussed bigger ideas like the themes as opposed to a scene-by-scene review.

  • Ryan Reyes

    good residence you SJW fucknugget failure

    • Scott

      How many books have you published?

    • Good residence? yes, I too hope Lindsay enjoys her apartment.

      • Nik Geier

        A good residence and Merry Yule to you, fine sir!
        (“good residence” is what all the kids are saying nowadays, pass it on)

    • Lindsay

      It was a pretty good residence, wasn’t it

      • Supervelha

        Your last review as the Chick should be Rent. Because… fuck Rent.

  • Graham

    Everyone needs a change now and then, but making that change, or even just figuring out what it is, is not always easy. Glad that you figured it out for yourself, and are moving in a direction that you’re happy with.

    But, I am VERY glad to hear that you will still be making videos, as well as running Chez Apocalypse. To be honest, when I discovered your videos, I slowly migrated from Channel Awesome, to Chez Apocalypse as I found that the videos on that site were more in tune with my interests (Todd, Rantasmo, and Elisa are awesome). You will always have fans, regardless of what label or brand you associate yourself with, as long as you choose to maintain your online presence. Looking forward to seeing what you do next!!

  • Cesar Pinedo

    It must a difficult step to take but if you feel its in your best interest then its the right choice to make. I have to ask, why couldn’t you post your videos on CA as Lindsey and just relinquish the NChick title? Having stumble cross TGWTG about a year ago (actually, I think you were my gateway to review critics after seeing your video on Daria on YouTube), I don’t know how being a content provider for a website fully entails or if its just a matter of the your videos not being a right fit for the site. Regardless, I will definitely be following your work no matter where you choose to post it.

    For what its worth, I like that you’ve been doing your thing for the past year and a half, even if it does result in less videos. Your best reviews are those that clearly show your passion for what you’re reviewing. I also don’t blame you for taking a bit of a break from reviewing full time; I started a review of my own a few months back and I still haven’t finished. It’s definitely a labor of love to make a review as a hobby; I can’t imagine trying to make a living of it.

    I wish you the best and I look forward to your future works!

  • Mr. Greene

    I’ll be really interested in seeing what sort of videos on film theory you’ll create. There’s SO much out there to explore. 🙂

  • Zacha Butler

    I stopped thinking of you as “The Nostalgia Chick” back when Chez Apocalypse started as a distinct website of its own. Hopefully this move gives you happiness and prosperity. Keep being awesome, Lindsay!

  • Jason Remington

    Well, I am saddened by the news that so many reviewers are gone.
    But nothing lasts forever and I wish you all the luck in your future projects!
    And I suppose I’ll see you on Chez Apocalypse instead. 😀

  • Jay Luper

    Good luck! I look forward to seeing what new things you have in store for us.

  • Guest

    very glad to hear you’re going to keep making the great content we know
    and love. The ‘Nostalgia Chick’ reviews have been fun and informative,
    but your wider work has shown you’re capable of plenty else besides.

    And if comment sections are anything to go by, your talents were sometimes wasted on the Channel Awesome audience anyway. So many butts with so much hurt, and so little room for informed discourse. Chez Apocalypse is where it’s at for viewers who want to engage with content on an
    intellectual level and appreciate the critical side of things, while
    still laughing their bits off at quality humour and the finest bad puns.

  • Guest

    Great to hear that you’re going to keep making the great content we know and love. The ‘Nostalgia Chick’ reviews have been fun and informative, but your wider work has shown you’re capable of plenty else besides.

    And if comment sections are anything to go by, your talents were sometimes wasted on the Channel Awesome audience anyway. So many butts with so much hurt, and so little room for informed discourse. Chez Apocalypse is where it’s at for viewers who want to engage with content on an intellectual level and appreciate the critical side of things, while still laughing their bits off at quality humour and the finest bad puns.

  • Dave M

    Glad to hear that you’re going to keep making the great content we know and love. The ‘Nostalgia Chick’ reviews have been fun and informative, but your wider work has shown you’re capable of plenty else besides.

    And if comment sections are anything to go by, your talents were sometimes wasted on the Channel Awesome audience anyway. So many butts with so much hurt, and so little room for informed discourse. Chez Apocalypse is where it’s at for viewers who want to engage with content on an intellectual level and appreciate the critical side of things, while still laughing their bits off at quality humour and the finest bad puns.

  • Gemini EarthWalker

    Just wanted to say thank you you all the years of free content and hope to see what your future holds. We all grow up and change so I get it and im sure your fans will too and continue to follow your path wherever it leads in the future. Thank you lindsay.

  • Merklyn236

    Sad to see you go, as I really enjoyed your Nostalgia Chick videos. Good luck to you in any and all new projects or directions you choose to go in.

    (Selfish question: Does this mean your video library will come down off of CA’s site?)

    • Kynan

      That will depend on how the higher ups resact to her leaving. On one hand, they have removed other content of people they had a problem with (Phelous and Obscurus Lupa being the most recent) but on the other hand, Lindsey has not left with the issues those others did. I would say, since they have connected the Nostalgia Chick to their main brand (Nostalgia Critic) and to house the videos does nothing but give tehe public more reasons to come to their website, they won’t be removing the videos. But only time will tell.

      • They’ll remove the videos from the site, they usually do when someone leaves, but it won’t be until after (how long after is anyone’s guess) she does her “Goodbye Channel Awesome” video. I forget how long it was with Hope, and Justin, and poor Roses, they didn’t even seem to notice she left for awhile (yeesh), but generally they only remove people immediately when there’s some bad blood.

        • Lindsay

          Nostalgia chick videos won’t be removed.

          • I stand corrected over my erroneous assumption.

          • Nathan Vincent Polizzi

            Thank you for the great videos

  • kieran

    Sorry to see you go, I’ll try to catch you on Youtube.
    I blame the fans for not showing their love more, but that’s just me. Heh

  • anon

    I always thought Lindsay’s best work was her analysis of cultural and commercial forces influencing media and vice versa. Her work taught me a lot about how to put together the history of entertainment media together with where society is today and the entertainment it currently favors.

    To hijack a phrase from one of her blog posts, her analyses of “Hollywood movies and the space they occupy in the wider culture” stand out as the coolest, most intelligent things I’ve found in the review/critic section of the internet.

  • Anthony J. Rand

    You’ve always been my favorite reviewer, so I’m glad to hear you won’t be going anywhere. Also very glad to find out where BYOA went, I was missing it. Will you be doing conventions anymore? You were sorely missed at MagFest last year.

  • Celestina K

    Well, whatever you end up doing I’ll be happy to keep following on. 🙂

  • Zaid

    I hope everything goes well for you, Lindsay! You were an awesome NChick and I hope you continue be awesome! 😀

  • Tony Stoehr

    I have to say that on average I did enjoy your reviews more than Doug’s. Quality beats quantity any day of the week. I can easily respect your reasons for wanting to focus on your new goals. We all need new challenges. Just keep us posted, ok.

  • Jaggededge11

    I was directed here from RebelTaxi’s newest Pizza-Party-Podcast, as I haven’t paid much attention to Channelawesome since they e-begged ($90k) for a “show” that will never come out.

    With that bitterness out of the way, I am very glad to hear that you are trying to further your online career and wish you nothing but the very best in your endeavors.

  • Cameren Lee

    Lindsay, this makes me so happy.

    I was VERY late to the CA party, as I didn’t stumble upon NCritic until mid-2013. After binging for a couple months, though, I was tired of it. I respect Doug, but I grew weary of that format. See, I’d been watching him for inspiration, perhaps to follow in his (saturated) footsteps, but I quickly perceived that my sensibilities were a lot different that much of the TGWTG fanbase. I was (and still am) in the top demographic, but let me put it this way: whereas others would leave a comment showing appreciation for a gag or perpetuating a meme (OH HAI MARK), I’d be more likely to commend the use of Philip Glass’s Mishima score. The Internet was just like school; I didn’t fit in with other “nerds” because I wasn’t nerdy about the things they were nerdy about. They, not to mention the Joannes-and-Cletuses of the world, were glaring down on me, and I was sinking lower and lower in my chair, hiding my face in my copy of Gravity’s Rainbow in shame. (I’m not pretentious! This is just how I am! I’m sorry!)

    I probably would have abandoned all things CA had I not given you a chance. With the exception of Kyle Kallgren (and your crossover City of Angels/Wings of Desire video introduced me to him), you are the only one on the interwebs that produces the type of content that I would want to make, and your success has given me hope.

    Lindsay, you are my hero. (As all your roads lead to Michael Bay, though, maybe he’s my hero. THAT’S a thought.)

  • Scott Sandler

    Once you do your final Chick episode, will you be giving the Chick’s Blip channel a makeover like you did when 50 Shades of Green became Booze Your Own Adventure?

  • goigoi

    good luck…and I wish to do sexual things with you…but since that’s obviously never going to happen..so back to the mind sex.

  • g1991mug

    there was a post about you about some of about toxiic sjw whats that aboutj

  • Losero

    I can’t believe it… Seriously, you were like the Wonder Woman to Doug’s Superman, Lewis’s Batman, Brad Jones’s Martian Manhunter, Phelous’s Green Lantern, Bennett’s Flash, Matthew’s Aquaman, and Spoony’s Plastic Man. First Plastic Man, and now GL and WW…

    Well, good luck with where you’re headed. As a great game once sang to me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X1Hv3rrakW0

  • Marion Freeman

    The only one left on CA that I watch is Brad. And I just watch him on his personal site anyway… Ah well, FU CA.

  • A Petty Net Wanderer

    The people below me have grabbed those praises out of my mouth, but I feel obligated to have at least one word…you were like a great sister I never had when talking about what makes worthy entertainment, with your well made insights. Godspeed to you across the Pacific. (owo)7

  • Andre Reichenbacher

    So. Here I am. On THIS thread. About THAT subject. What to do?

    I glanced at your previous “mind killing” post for about two seconds. And this happens to be the VERY FIRST time that I get to use this particular abbreviation. So far I haven’t had the opportunity. Now I do.

    TL, DR. I think it’s really appropriate to this situation. Cuz I dont give a flying fuck about your mental state!

    Lindsay, if you got sick of NChick and wanted to move on, why the hell didnt you just come out and be honest and direct about it? If you’re really THAT pissed off at the “patriarchy” that supposedly “rules the planet”, and if you are truly convinced that it sucks to be a woman on the internet. I have four words for you. QUIT AND GO AWAY. It’s that simple, it really is. And I am also going to finally get this one off my chest as well. This is something I have felt pretty much since you first debuted on TGWTG. Brace yourself, cuz it’s a doozy.

    You talk too much. That’s always been your problem. Your entire schtick can be summed up in seven words. Too Much Talk And Not Enough Action. And that’s not my problem with women in general as a whole. So dont attempt to label me as one of THOSE guys. My problem is with YOU. And I’ve had enough of you. I’m glad you left Channel Awesome. I’m glad you won’t be the NChick anymore. And I’m glad I wont ever again have to see you continuing to go off on tirades about feminism along with all the SJW’s that you’ve recruited to serve you unquestioningly. You’ve got them all so whipped and so scared to speak up for themselves it’s pathetic. They don’t dare defy you. That’s not the way to run a website. Leadership through fear and intimidation is contemptable.

    And it’s really too bad that you were (are) “depressed”, but suck it up, get over it, and move on. I’m not going to be one of those who hold your hand and tell you everything will be fine and try to make you feel better. Frankly, I dont care how you feel. And I’ll be REALLY be glad to finally be rid of you.

    What else is there to say? I can think of only one thing: “EVERYBODY GOT AIDS N’ SHIT!!!!”

    • I remember blocking you on Facebook more than a year ago Andre, and I had managed to not here from you at all until about a day when you somehow managed to get on my radar again.

      You having a (very tiny I assume, hence your constant rage) penis does not constitute being right about things. Please go the fuck away and don’t sully anything related to Internet Reviewing every again, for the love of the gods.

      You are so pathetic that, to steal a joke, if your pants fell down causing you to trip down a flight of stairs your dignity would somehow INCREASE. You are a Fail Elemental.

      • Andre Reichenbacher

        That’s it? That’s all you got? Pathetic. And am I supposed to care that you blocked me? Why would you even tell me that? If it wasn’t for your thumbnail I’d have no clue who the fuck you are. And I’m not going anywhere. You people think you can tell me to “go away”. That’s not gonna work. That ain’t happenin’. And I’m not gonna be convinced that I’m a “fail” just cuz a few anonymous shitheads who dont agree with me tell me so. Jeezus Christ!

        • The sexist piece of shit conspiracy theorist calls me pathetic. That’s cute. Now excuse me, I have more valuable things to do with my time than continue to acknowledge your embarrassing existence. These misplaced iTunes files aren’t gonna rename themselves.

          • Andre Reichenbacher

            So I’m a sexist because I dont automatically agree with everything ONE female internet content provider has to say. Whatever, dude. Believe whatever you wanna believe, I really dont give a shit. It doesn’t affect me in the slightest. But yeah, fixing one’s iTunes files is indeed a boring and tedious task. And you’re right, doing that is way preferrable to having to deal with the majority of people online. I actually agree with you on that one!

        • 古戸ヱリカ

          “You people think you can tell me to “go away”. That’s not gonna work. That ain’t happenin’.”

          “I have four words for you. QUIT AND GO AWAY.”

          This is fantastic.

    • Lindsay

      Oh, you. I kinda wondered when you’d come back.

    • TheBrett

      Fuck off. If you didn’t give a “flying fuck”, you wouldn’t be here writing a multi-paragraph whining essay, you hypocritical piece of shit.

    • Schlongstorm

      Bravo, sir. You’ve convinced me not to off myself, because I’ve now read the stupidest thing I will ever read. I can never reach this low a point in my life ever again. I feel new life flowing into me, knowing that every single fuck-blistering cheese-whizzing gorilla-powered thing I read from now on into the heat death of the universe will be less stupid than this. I have new purpose; I can go forth into life and face all my troubles head on! I will never have to see anything this stupid ever again!

      Now go swallow a dozen hummingbirds whole and shit a portal into the next dimension.

    • just picture this guy as he picked every word…spell-checked…counted syllables n’ checked alliteration…which means he read it several times

      n’ he STILL pressed ‘post’

    • Serimeudt

      … you have problems, man.


    • Gunther


    • {}

      oh you’re one of THOSE guys lol. Yawn.

    • Mike Hammered

      Needs more dragons.

    • Dazz


    • thisusernameisfake

      Sounds like you need a hobby.

      • It might be more accurate to say he needs a NEW hobby. Pretty sure harassing Lindsay is his hobby right now. This is the stuff he probably practices in his head over and over at his day job.

    • Fiddy

      This dude’s funny. He’s an idiot, but a funny one. I imagine he’s hammer-typing onto the typewriter attachment he bought specifically for his tablet at his local coffee shop, and just as he looks up from his essay, tries to catch the eye of the barista who he’s been trying to impress since she was hired a week ago, only to see that she not only didn’t see him at his moment of triumph, but that she was talking on the phone to her boyfriend. Saddened, alone, and increasingly irate, his personal narrative that he is Bill Murray in a cruel world that has failed him as a person by leaving him unrecognized playing in his head, he slumps home on the bus, determined to get her to leave her boyfriend tomorrow, and go home with a sensitive, unfairly maligned prince, where he can then touch her boobs before creaming his pants and collapse atop her, sleeping the sleep of the triumphant.

    • Blake

      u mad bro? sounds like u mad. y u so mad bro?

    • Trent Seely

      Would you utter this kind of vitriol to your mother? A girlfriend? A daughter?

      Jesus Christ. Get some counseling.

  • aFriendlyAgenda

    Who’s Todd?

  • BarryTheMasterOfSandwich

    So, will your old videos remain on Channel Awesome?

    • Lindsay

      Nostalgia Chick, will, I believe so. Yes.

  • Taross

    I loved you work at Channel Awesome. I am curious to see where life will take you.

  • Mickie Steel

    I remember the first time I watched one of your videos. I had watched all of Feminist Frequency’s videos (before kickstarter launch) and decided to watch The Smurfette Principle that she had mentioned.
    Through you I started to watch ChezA producers and MovieBob and probably other internet things.
    Without you I wouldn’t have realized that pop culture critique can be fun.

  • So, I watched your NC videos from the very beginning, and unfortunately stopped watching when I went back to university, and I was just thinking the other day that now that I’m done I should catch up on your videos. And I totally missed this news! Anyway, I’m glad you’re keeping on with other stuff and I’ll be sure to catch up on that too 🙂 And I also want to say thank you for all your NC work. I went back to school to get a degree in Religious Studies, and I focused on religion in pop culture. A big reason I did that was because I really enjoyed your analysis and much of what I learned for you was pretty helpful, especially with gaining participation marks which is usually hard for me because I’m very shy.

  • Some Dumb Guy

    Lindsay, I just want to say that I have been very impressed with how you have handled this matter.

    That stands in contrast to certain others who have recently left Channel Awesome, and have been extremely immature about the whole thing, greatly disappointing me.

    Anyway, I thank you for all of the entertainment you have provided me, and I’ll continue to follow you through various other sites, etc. Blah blah blah.

    …But, seriously, thanks.

  • RobNiner

    Well that’s kind of sad. Best of luck to you and I hope to follow your future stuff.

  • 1300

    Hello Lindsay. I have to admit that i never was such a big fan of TGWTG and the culture that has become to review online. How ever i did watch some of your videos and i have to say that yours was very good. I have to admit also that i never follow your work in the past but i did find it a work of quality and very smart. How ever i did had the feeling that it “wasn’t you”, as if you never was 100% confortable doing the Nostalgia Chick. I find it a good thing to always point you out as the different one of the bunch, now reading about what you have been through after your college graduation, your feelings about the character and how you have grow as a person and a professional doing it show that indeed you are unique.
    I’m very happy that you found your professional identity and that you have nice jobs that you like to do.
    Sorry to write so much but from some one who had a struggle after the first college i have made and to find out a lot of what i been through on your path really show why i always “point you out” instead of the so many other’s on this site and all over the internet.
    Wish you best.
    Gabriel. (Also, a big Hello from Brasil to you haha)

  • bw606

    Hypothetical question; if a studio came up to you and asked if they could make a movie version of “Awoken” What would be your response?

  • aFriendlyAgenda

    Pretty girl.
    So you’re French?

    • aFriendlyAgenda

      But I have to call into question that you’ve already had a dirty abortion?

      Intellectuals cant grasp the science of a condom?

      …or was it something cool to do?

  • omgnoway

    you’re the only reviewer who I watched every video… besides Doug. Now you’re leaving! It was all for nothing! ….well good luck 😀

  • Ryan K. Lee

    I’m a month late I know, but does does any know of plans to keep an Archive of the Nostalgia Chick reviews and such?

    • Supervelha

      Most of them have been reuploaded by other internet users.

  • C. Sessions

    Well, I will miss your wit. I could have done without the conspiracy theories and political overtones, but no doubt you gave everything your best, and I’m sure you will continue to do so. Oh, try to take it easy on the military if you can…a lot of us are your fans, too. I wish you the best in your future endeavors. Take care, and good luck.

  • Sans_Fi

    I really liked your reviews and Ill miss them. Particularly the Labyrinth one. As someone that also lived off my internet content I can perfectly understand that you are leaving.

    Keep the good memories, keep the good comments, and im sure the sausages in your face gif will follow you the rest of your life.

  • Blackvelvetwisteria

    Good luck Lindsay! Thanks for all the times I stayed up late watching your videos. I’ll keep watching to see what you become. Here’s to all your future success!

  • Jimmy1337

    Wow seems like there’s been a mass leaving of CA in the last year or so. Now I’m expecting LInkara or Todd to leave or something.

  • I’m glad you will still be doing videos. I enjoy your reviews, and I hope you do stuff that you enjoy. I have also enjoyed some of your recent videos regarding other things, such as self-employment taxes. I look forward to what you plan on doing! ^_^

    • aFriendlyAgenda

      Whats self employment taxes?

      That sounds pretty cool.

      I mean the concept of no taxes through self-employment.

      Keeping the money you earn by your own hand.

      • nnnooooo…you have to pay more than you would if you were employed through other employer because you’re paying your tax and tax for the business, which would usually be paid by your employer
        Go check out the video she made.

      • self-employment taxes are STILL TAXES you still have to pay the government…it’s probably more difficult (more expensive) to be self employed while paying taxes than not

  • NotSure2006

    Just wanted to say you will be missed. I loved your stuff and you gave me a lot of laughs. The Todd and Lupa love triangle stuff was hilarious! Best of luck in your new endeavors.

  • pootietang

    This reminds me of when Nostalgia Critic got full of himself and started doing that pretentious Demo Reel crap. Get over yourself and do some more nostalgia chick. Nobody cares about your other stuff, the only reason we’re reading any of this is to see what happened to NOSTALGIA CHICK. Hope you get over this pretentious boring generic SJW feminist depressed phase and get your sense of humor back.

    • Lindsay

      I am not your fucking dancing monkey, you loathsome piece of shit.

      • Hear, hear. I’ve always appreciated your hard work, Lindsay. As long as you’re passionate about the videos you make, I’ll always be in the audience to enjoy them, regardless of the name you go by or the subjects you tackle.

      • Vincent Van Ghoul


        • Nik Geier

          This is the best sentence ever.

      • Corvus the Elder

        Yes I’m sure you have better things to do, such as expressing your unoriginal and pretentious viewpoints by making childish accusations of sexism and racism in movies where basically none exists, confusing snark for criticism, and constantly whining about how people said mean things to you on twitter as if it’s the worst thing to ever happen to a woman since a rusty can lid was used for female circumcision. All while wearing unneeded think black rimmed glasses in a desperate attempt to play the intellectual. So progressive and socially aware.

    • Scott Sandler

      The fact that you can’t even tell Doug Walker from his character is an immediate sign you were trouble. Good riddance

      • Lindsay

        Now now. I’m sure Nostalgia Critic the… person exists on some alternate plane of existence. Like fantasia or something.

        *neverending story theme starts playing*

    • Narf

      Hope you get over this appalling lack of empathy for your fellow humans and get your decency back (but I’m not holding my breath).

  • Joe

    Is Loose cannon something you plan to continue? I hope so.

  • JillyBean

    I’m so late to the party for commenting on this one that it’s not even funny. But honestly, congratulations.

    I honestly only think things can go better for you from here. Like most people I found Nostalgia Critic first, and while funny for a few turns I quickly stumbled across your videos and the charm never faded from me. I think my days of checking TGWTG.com every day fro new videos was a for a period of my freshman year of college in 2012, and I have no idea what it is but there’s something about most of the sites content, and the nostalgia critic especially, that just got very old very fast for me. I don’t think I even go there any more, and I’ve maybe been to the new site all of twice. Since you started Chez, and since the only other contributor I follow (Bennet the Sage) started his site I’ve really had no need for it.

    I’ll mirror what others are saying and voice that I never really saw ‘The Nostalgia Chick’ as you, I watched videos for the in-depth commentary, and while I like some of the older reviews, honestly I just find what you have to say smart, intriguing, and worth watching. Hell I’d probably watch a video of you go in-depth on the finer points of Michael Bays love of explosions. You’re really smart, and your videos have shaped how I look at story telling, feminism, and just the wold in general. I had always wanted to be a writer, and its why I enrolled in college for it. But some of your videos have taught me more about good story telling than my university lectures! And according to my animation friends I’ve learned enough from your commentary on early shorts and the on goings of the big companies that I could pass for some one who took a class in animated film history. Your videos really have been a great source of inspiration and knowledge.

    Go forth Lindsay, it seems for the best that you’re heading in your own direction.

    ps. I really cant wait to see your next loose canon video, I’ve been having a lot of fun with those.

  • eggman

    good riddance .

  • eggman

    good riddance to a heartless bitch.

  • Jai Guru

    Always loved your work Lindsay. Take it slow and easy, you’ll find that glove fit soon enough.

  • bryoneill11

    you ruined Channel Awesome with your sjw bullshit… That shit is a cancer

    • Lindsay

      High praise 🙂

  • Henry

    I’m glad to hear this, in the best way. Your reviews became really enjoyable (and dare I say somewhat academic?) once you stepped away from doing the Nostalgia shtick and started doing your own thing. I don’t mean to put down the others on the site, but yours were among the only videos that could actually be called reviews. You know, with genuine analysis and critical thinking, with an appropriate level of wry self-aware geekiness, and not long winded summaries punctuated with jokes filled with over the top vitriol and rage towards every minor detail of a movie. I can’t wait to see what you do on your own!

  • locoma

    A really nice post to read, really. I’ve always enjoyed your perspective and I would like to continue to, so I’ll stick around at whatever you produce. Good luck with your projects.

  • Guest

    https://twitter.com/randomfox/status/590476867850797058 someone thinks you make your next docemetry if you do this

  • g1991mug

    https://twitter.com/randomfox/status/590476867850797058 someone say you will make another docmentryif you do this

  • Luke

    I am sad that you are moving away from Channel Awesome; but I am glad that you will still make videos. When I saw that NC had a female version I looked at one of your videos and found that your critique was interesting and entertaining in the end I believe that you have shown yourself to be far more than a female version of The Critic and have developed your show into YOUR show. I look forward to seeing more of your stuff in the future and I wish you well.

  • FUck off lindsay ellis



  • Kate Castle

    Well, at least you will be still online. I have no idea what I would do if you quit being online altogether…

  • Daniel

    I feel like such an idiot because I’ve regularly been going to TGWTG to check the Nostalgia Chick page and obviously finding it not having been updated. How did everyone else find out about this stuff? Anyway, glad to have finally, after five months, stumbled across this post. Phew!

  • Patronication

    I always loved how you could tell that Lindsay rejected her title as Nostalgia Chick given to her in the reviews, it what made it so great, she turned something that could had been girly into a statement against it. But I also loved how you could see her distance herself, by picking things she was more passionate about, slowly building her identity. Now I just refer to her as Lindsay.

  • Frank A. Figoni

    Lindsay, best of wishes and I really hope you find what you’re looking for. The Moulin Rouge review is still the funniest thing I have ever seen!!!

  • MarxForever

    You’ll always be one of my favorite internet personalities. In fact, I think you might be the favorite.
    I’ll follow your work wherever. Just keep it coming.

  • trlkly

    So finally, I find this, while looking for something else (to get a copy of your book). Did you make an announcement video for ChanelAwesome but I missed it? Because I think anyone who leaves should have to make an announcement video.

  • Zachary Stephen

    It sucks no more Nostalgia Chick, but as I always say, you got to do you, but if you reconsider in the future, then awesome.

  • Bob Lee

    Have you ever considered acting? You obliviously seem to have talent in that field

  • Justin Martin

    Sorry to see you go..as I just got into your videos after stumbling onto the Nostalgia Critic’s….truth be told I like your videos better.

  • Alexander Smart

    Best of luck in your future endeavors! Definitely isn’t going to be a “Big Lipped Alligator Moment”. I wonder if Mara will be involved?

  • d. allen spencer

    I always liked your work on the channel hoping to see more as you, time to become who you should be and good luck with al-jezera

  • Juju

    I love her work on those videos. Really smart summaries and interesting analyses.

  • clemon

    Hi Lindsay! Just wanted to say that I really appreciated your reviews
    over the years although I don’t think I’ve ever scrolled down to the
    comments section. I really like Loose Canon and will look forward to
    watch/reading more of your work and becoming a patreon once my job
    starts. Thanks for all you’ve done so far, and looking forward to future
    work. 🙂

  • Ploploplop

    Oh, i thought she died in a car crash.

  • David O’Keefe

    You know, you really took what was a very simple concept and made it something truly excellent. I’m sorry to hear they’re losing you.

  • Steph Dube

    Lindsay, where did you goooo?? I miss your videos and I’m very sad that that final Animorphs review never happened.

  • Thiago Venancio

    Lindsay, love your work! Wish you all the best in any path you take, but i have to hope your videos will keep coming! hehe If I may make a suggestion I recently came accross a new-ish channel on youtube whose content reminded me a lot of yours, may a colab video with Nerdwriter1 would just blow everyones minds! In any case, keep it up!

  • Scott Neil

    Will miss seeing you’re work on there but I’m sure whatever you turn your hand to will be brilliant,best wishes.

  • Nik Geier

    I hope you still do movie reviews from time to time. Your commentary on individual works is always really interesting, and there’s nowhere else I can really get a good video-borne feminist analysis of this stuff (Feminist Frequency seems to be mostly about video games these days).

  • Jackson Mancuso

    I loved your videos so much and they have given me a snarky and sarcastic sense of humor. I owe a lot about my personality to your videos. So sorry to hear you won’t be making as many videos anymore. I wish you the best of luck.

  • Cory Clemensen

    Hey Lindsay,
    I am so glad I happened upon this post because it does explain a lot. I’ll miss your in-depth reviews, (I watched them a lot) but I’m glad to hear you continue to do what you love. I loved your analysis on Death in you “Loose Canon” series, even though you seemed to not enjoy one of my all time favorite shows, Dead Like Me.

    In any case – I hope for the best for you!

  • StrangeAxle

    >replacing Lindsay with another “Nostalgia Chick”

    There will only be one Nostalgia Chick! I haven’t been keeping up for a while, so I only found out now about you leaving TGWTG (I’m very behind lol). Always enjoyed your calm, swift and funny analyses on movies. Doug was funny too, but I liked your calmer edge a little more. Good luck in your future endeavors!

  • Fuzzy Barbarian

    I haven’t really watched anything from you in a while, but I liked what I did watch. I dunno, your stuff spoke to me more than Doug’s, probably because of the age difference. Plus, you brought an intelligence I didn’t expect from online video reviewers, at least based on what I was watching at the time. You were analitical, but still fun… mostly 🙂

    I only found out about you leaving Channel Awesome through a comment on one of Linkara’s videos, but whatever you’re doing now, I hope it all worked out, and I wish you the very best.

  • Ant

    No wonder there were no new videos. 🙁

  • lea

    what is fmnsms?

  • Alicia Evol

    I just learned last night that your on your own new channel and I’m so glad to learn that you and the guys at channel awesome didnt have a falling out or anything, I’m sorry that you felt you were sort of living a lie for awhile and I’m happy your making your own videos, they feel a lot more sincere, I love the old nostalgia chick episodes but looking back on them they do feel a little uncomfortable compared to your new videos which I binged on last night, they really felt like the real you and I’m looking forward to seeing more, you seem like a really great person and I cant wait to see what you do next!

  • Mack Doggs

    Hmm I remember the nostalgia chick back in the day. What happened? I remember you had good videos for a year or so, then next thing i knew you were selling your personal belongings in videos… then nothing…

  • veggen

    Just chiming in to to say I always dug what you were doing on CA.

  • le Potterhead

    “is it true that you’re an SJW illuminatic fempire who tricked Todd into saying fmnsms”


    Hehe. I love your videos Lindsay, they’re all so insightful, especially the recent one on Hercules.

    Though I myself have trouble appreciating boundaries, those gators obsessed with you and your relationship with TITS are creepy as fuck. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/1e305c606469a33c55ae774864a5182ee85d6ed9ddbab84fd2f40e92919aba45.jpg

  • matt fahringer

    meh dont care never liked her anyway. unfunny bitch

  • Anoia

    Wound up here today after catching some of your newer videos on youtube and a couple ‘hey whatever happened to her’ google searches. I will say I never really considered “Nostalgia Chick” particularly “””girly”””, to me you always effectively seemed like what I think the best intentions wanted you to be- a headlining female voice reviewing nostalgic content. I probably would side eye the name “Nostalgia Chick” today for reasons you mention, but I guess 2010 was a simpler time lol. I continue to enjoy hearing your perspective on things, best of luck in future pursuits and have a great holiday!

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