Brief message to my friends at Something Awful

To the posters of the Internet Critic thread on Something Awful,

I’ve been kind of wanting to disclose for a while, so I will try to do so in a concise (for me) way; As a longtime member of the forums, I’ve been reading your thread off and on for almost a year now. As you might imagine it’s not always fun reading, and to some it would seem downright masochistic, but I don’t see it like that.

See, there’s an honesty you get with people when they don’t think you’re listening, neither the cruelty of people trying to get a rise out of you on the actual video pages nor the abject worship of forums affiliated with you. (Then of course there are the angry ones who demand that you perish off the face of the earth because they can’t get the idea of your dick in their mouth out of their head)

It’s not like I never get demoralized anymore, but nowhere near as much as I used to, and part of that comes from learning when to listen to people about what works and what doesn’t. Because a lot of people are wrong and stupid.  Genuinely, categorically, Forrest Gump stupid.  Or even more frustrating, ignorant and uninformed but convinced otherwise.  But a lot of people, while perhaps not the most delicate in their wording, have good points.  Someone on tumblr wrote a post that they were disappointed in the last “shorts” video I did said they were disappointed in it because it wasn’t as informative or well-researched as the last few. Not awesome to hear, but I can’t refute it, and the important lesson to take is that people do notice this sort of thing, whether you think they do or not.

So my point is, while I’m not always flattered by the comments, and while there are a few of those aforementioned ignorants popping up here and there (not just on that thread but all over SA), I’ve come to appreciate it for a good source of honesty and a good gauge as to how people are being perceived, not just me but my universally beloved colleagues as well.  Of course not all of my colleagues share my attitude and avoid you like the plague, but this is my prerogative. So, thanks for being jerks- you keep me on my toes.

Edit: To clarify! I’m not disparaging SA, nor am I making an attempt to ingratiate myself; I’m simply saying that I appreciate that thread because I like knowing what flies and what doesn’t.  I find it a good balance between the blind worship and the blind hate; they’re usually pretty well informed, if not the nicest lot.

Believe me, I know. For I was once one of you.  *gonnnnngdundundun*

  • Well said, Lindsay. Don’t let those jerks at Something Awful get you down.

    • Bryan

      Gotta love that you actually did not bother to read what she had posted at all. Sure, there was a mention of some people being jackasses (Which, while expected of the internet, shouldn’t be excused) but far more of her post was about the benefits of the constructive feedback she and other critics could receive from threads such as theirs. That being said, Something Awful is a shady internet cabal of the most fiendish sort (Prudes!) and their organized trolling against TV Tropes and Reddit has had lasting negative effects on the internet as a whole, so I can see why you would generally view them as jerks.

      • Um…I did read what she had to say. Clearly you didn’t, especially the last part where she did, indeed, say a lot of the people on that site are jerks.

        Yes, some of them do have legit criticism but most of them don’t. they just say “oh, you suck” and don’t back up their claims.

      • Bryan

        “while there are a few of those aforementioned ignorants popping up here and there” Yup, a few is totally the same as most. Megan, you’re really bad at this whole arguing thing, especially when your whole argument is just painting an online community with a broad brush based off of preconceived notions. Maybe if you had something backing up your arguments, you’d have a leg to stand on. Maybe if you’d read the article, you’d not hold this stance. But as it stands, you’re really just sound and fury which signifies nothing.

  • I think your videos are fun, informative, and interesting. They’re better than most people could do, so fuck what other people think. There are people out here who appreciate the work you do and appreciate the effort you put into your videos.

    • Going the route of “fuck what other people think” is a terrible idea.

    • SysL

      “… nor the abject worship of forums affiliated with you.”


      (I’m so sorry. I get like this when people do not take in the whole concept.)

    • Bryan

      Other people’s page views support the hobby and their opinions can help a person to gauge where they want to go in future endeavors. “Fuck other people” is as far from what you want to do as a performer as possible. Sure, hanging on every word of what your critics have to say isn’t advisable, but when you have a sizable number of people raising similar points independently, it really can help you to improve. Effort isn’t everything, there are objective qualities to entertainment and such and improving those things tends to improve the work as a whole. Being content to sit back and rest on your laurels is probably the worst thing Lindsay or any other entertainer could do (If you don’t mind me saying, I think everyone should be striving for improvement in every aspect of their life, but that’s a bit of a tangent)

      So there you have it, why what you’ve written is bollocks and how you can move past it and heal.

  • creaturesh

    Well, this was a lot less unpleasant than anything I expected in regard of that site. (Then again, I haven’t visited there much in the past, uh, …decade?)

  • Whenever I see negative criticism appearing in the wild, in a weird way I have to envy the person critiscized. I have a big problem with criticism because if you ask someone to criticize that puts them in analytical place that they otherwise might not be in and it sort of taints the whole thing. I don’t want someone digging for fault, just tell me if it looks good from the surface. That being said, like Google says “Don’t be evil.”

  • Very well put. Wish I had something clever to add, but really, what good would it do? Well made point is well made. 😉

  • @Megan @Steve

    This is a terrible mentality to have. When confronted with criticism, a person should most definitely not stick their heads in the sand and turn a deaf ear. Saying “fuck what other people think” is a very quick way to turn your content into an inclusive hugbox of a circle jerk.

    • I don’t have the “fuck what others think mentality” if they give out legit criticism. A lot of the people on that Internet Critics forum really don’t dish out any criticism aside from childish insults and name calling. So, unless they can actually leave a legit form of critique and not say ‘duh, you suck”, then, yes, fuck what they say.

  • Michael

    I honestly find your videos to be the most informative on TGWTG and such a different approach rather than the standard way of reviewing. If I ever get round to making videos myself one day I’d like to do retrospects or general things I like in this manner. I think it’s a breath of fresh air to see and it isn’t targeted as a specific review type i.e. ‘bad movies’ etc.

  • Joshua Harbord (@JoshKard0)

    You are very reasonable, but while others are hard on you it’s important to not be too hard on yourself. I get the impression that you do that quite a lot.

    … Also, you spelt *gonnnnngdundundun* incorrectly and now I hate you 4evaz.

  • I think that’s a really good way of looking at it. Places like that may be some of the best places to get a real feel for how whatever work you do is perceived. People may be more honest when they aren’t speaking to you directly, since they have no reason to be excessively cruel and nasty or excessively ass-kissy.

  • Sometimes I’ve found some of the most vigorous criticisms can be from fans and viewers who expect a lot from you.

  • Josh

    Honestly, the most recent “short” you did was the only one I liked. I mean the others weren’t bad, they were just…eh.

  • Bravo for handling this with maturity.

    TGWTG really suffers from a lack of good-faith criticism, and it’s ridiculous that you have to go to the SA Forums, of all places, to find it. Criticism is necessary for an artist to improve, after all. I’ve noticed that your work has improved over the last year while most of your peers have stagnated or deteriorated. These are the same people who will find this thread and will react poorly. That’s a shame.

    For the record, I really haven’t had any problem with the style of your recent videos, and in fact you’re among the few TGWTG personalities I watch on a regular basis. Not that I don’t have a few bugaboos with individual episodes, of course.

  • Hapax Legomenon

    Dude, I feel old sometimes, but you? You’re mature. That’s something special. That’s the GOOD part of being a grownup. Keep on that path, and you’ll be a competent adult–unlike some people I could name. *coughmecough*

  • Jack

    Their feminism thread was really great and I think actually taught some people about feminism. Definitely never out yourself to them because they will probably get creepy with you like they did with poor Kate Beaton.

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