When you’ve reached that point in the relationship where you’re showing each other the bad fanart you did in college…






So when it comes to NChick episodes, the ones I end up liking the best are usually the ones I feel genuinely nostalgic for, not just the shit a vocal minority requested so I did it ahem Jem ahemahem.  But in that wave of nostalgia somehow I ended up on the “art” folder of my computer.  I use the word “art” loosely, as I… uh… well, there’s a reason I do funny Internet videos in pigtails and never went into animation or anything.

But as I was going through them I started showing them to Todd, and he showed me his (let’s just say his would surprise nobody), and he admitted difficulty reconciling the person he knew, pushing … 27, and the “Internet goon” who had made all these wonders.  And wonders they are, truly. A cautionary tale!  So let’s take a look back, shall we? A look back at:

My Bad College Fanart and Photoshops (and some Easter Eggs)


I recall that my then-roommate Tammy was driving through the Midtown Tunnel when she saw this billboard with one of the x-men folk, or all of them, I don’t know, for X-men 3, and it looked like they were all about to take the stage, or do an interview for Spin, or something. Thus…

We were doing a series of Darths at one point? I have no idea what inspired Darth Guido here, but to think, five years before Jersey Shore…

I also went through a phase where I felt the need to photoshop Vin Diesel’s face onto ALL OF THE THINGS.  No, Lincoln Memorial, Buddhist temple (no, really) NOTHING was sacred.

I find it odd that people say I “hate” Hercules. I was actually a pretty big Disney’s Hercules fan! Well… the TV show. I’d call myself a fan of the TV show.  The movie I like to pick apart because it’s so flimsy, but either way the universe Nella and I were completely enamored with in college- a spoof comedy based on Greek Mythology? What’s not to love?  Aww look at the three Disney brother gods taking a picture awwww…

That's Hecate's square inch of domain, it's... complicated.

Suffice to say for this one, we had this roleplaying thing going on where Elisa was Hades (the historical one, not the Disney one), Nella was Hymenaeus (look it up) and I was Hecate, and Hades had reduced my domain from the crossroads to a square inch of the crossroads.  Oh yeah. I drew fanart for roleplay characters, the one goddamn time I ever did an online roleplay. Who’s got two thumbs and goes to the cool school? This guy!

"Tonight, I'm fucking you."

Disney’s Beowulf; coming 2015.

That's right. I did Snakes on a Plane fanart.

I may have penned a song or two in ode to the snakes, too.  Wanna fight, mothafucka?

"Snakes on a Plane"

I… have no idea. Snakes on a plane, man. Snakes.

Woooooo upside-down!

Meme schmeme.

Well, they are the fates. I guess they would know.

Also, I have no idea who they’re talking to. Persephone, maybe? (“rape” in the CLASSICAL sense, you plebes!)

Or it could just be based on that meme from back in the day. Probably that.

I was blonde at one point.

Someday I will make you smile, Spike Lee! Someday!

Satan wishes you a HAPPY EASTER!

My friends and I, rather than doing the egg dye thing, developed a tradition of drawing very elaborate designs on easter eggs and painting them.  I had a tradition of the Greek god Hades- this was year 2: Goddess of Spring Hades!

"Please, leave me out of this."

Year 3: Greek Vase Hades

Year one, the Hades what started it. Actually what started it was a pin that Tammy got on a Disney cruise that looked just like this; we loved it so much we both painted it on eggs. Mine failed the least.

Those walls, that perspective, GENIUS!

Past my phantom fanfiction days and… well there was never a point in history where I could art properly, there was a tendency to write Erik the phantom, if not paired off with either Christine or some other chick, well, he adopts some gypsy child and becomes a daddy.  Illustrated thus. /genius

You know what that clown needs? Vin Diesel’s fuckin’ head on it, that’s what.

Some NYU students are better than other NYU students.

NYU had a “general studies” program for students who weren’t academically… up to par enough to get into the program they applied to, but from whom NYU wanted to extract money anyway.  We, the… everyone else, kind of looked down on them.

To be fair, the dumbest chick I ever met was in that program.  That makes my broad, sweeping generalization okay.

Besides, we in the College of Arts and Science needed SOMEONE to look down on.  I mean, besides Gallatin.


I… Erik needed a motorboat? No not THAT kind of motorboat, pervs…

I’m also quite sure that every phantom phan goes through a Greek mythology Hades/Persephone… thing. At least at one point.


I kind of remember the context for this? I think I was parodying this other phantom fangirl who had like… space lions or something.

Oh, you laughed. Admit it.

Sting lives for this shit!

Vin Diesel will cut you… and cut his way into every picture!

Vin Diesel will replace every last member of Lord of the Rings!



I... I don't even know. This may have been the very day I learned to use Photoshop.

And look how far I’ve come!



  • This post made me weep from the nostalgia. I miss my collection of things with Vin Diesel’s face photoshopped onto them. *thinks tearfully of Elrond-Vin*

  • djshire

    This was……insightful.

  • Rezuri

    You forgot the transformers fanart! 😛

    • Uh… not during college! Doesn’t count! *shifty eyes*

  • ominousicity

    i wish i’d saved more of my random stuff from college 🙁

  • Your fanart phase is quite possibly exponentially less embarrassing than mine.

    I kinda love the Vin Diesel’s face on everything thing, not gonna lie. Lots of not-even-ironic love for the Snakes on a Plane one, too.

  • gak29

    Yeah, you know more Greek mythology than a Greek who has a strong liberal arts background. Then again, I chalk up my barely-above-average knowledge of said mythology to my being apathetic to my heritage.

    And Spike Lee has smiled plenty of times. Granted, that was only during the 90’s and during Knicks games, but I seen it!

  • Those are probably the most epic Hades fan-eggs I have seen. Not that I have seen many… Or any for that matter. But your egg painting skills are impressive.

    Also, I’m glad to see that your embarrassing fan art exhibition does meet the proscribed rape joke quota. 😉

  • Ah, the bad fanart stage. True love for sure. 🙂

    And your egg-painting is awesome. (My bad university fanart consists mainly of stuff pertaining to Harry Potter. The ones that have survived this long are: Harry Potter, chibis and a charcoal deer. Because my art skills only stretch so far.)

    Love your blog.

  • The phantom art was decent, actually. I wouldn’t pay for it, mind you…

  • Creature SH

    Since you’re showing these on this blog, does that mean that you are also in a relationship with the entire internet? ’cause that’s gonna get really pricey around Christmas.

  • LE GASP. You were involved with a roleplay, too? AND you drew your own characters?

    I feel considerably less dorky for my own tendency to do that.

    …also, I love your nerdiness for Greek mythology. And love for Disney’s Hades. It makes me so happy. 8D

  • Wow, you sure know how to paint an egg! You’re not as awful as you think, with the art and the hand-eye-coordination and things. Definitely better than some folks I know who think they’re van Gogh…

    Cool post, glad to see something randomly cheerful 🙂

  • BAHAHAHA, I love the Disney Hades egg. His expression is so goofy. And the Phantom in a Motorboat. Priceless. Yeah, I sometimes re-read my melodramatic high-school fanfics and feel both amused and appalled. High School. High School. Hiiigh Schooooollll!!! *shakes fists*

  • Adam

    What I got out of this: Lindsay had a blonde phase. 😀

    *goes off to watch “Pitch Black” for the eleventy billionth time*

  • After all of these years, the best part of the Phantom drawing is the random beggar in the background half-assedly shaking their money can.

  • Claude

    Suggestion for a movie review: STARSHIP TROOPERS.

    If you point out how much the moviemajor major sucks ass – especially compared with the god tier book – Robert A. Heinlein fans all over the world will line up to kiss your pretty behind.

    If you havent seen the movie, I recommend you read the book first (give it a fair read; take the week and and get plenty of sleep). Then maybe you can know the sickening feeling I had when I saw it in the theater.

  • i had no idea you would waste your life with that…i am dumbfounded and ashamed

  • Saidi

    Hi Lindsay! This is my first comment here, I know I should be posting this on the X-men review page, But I have no subscription & well I’m awfully late for that, (well better late than never ….)

    & as for the best x-men villains, here’s my take,

    Since you seem to be a fan of Beast or Nightcrawler, I’ll let you know when I’ll draw them


  • C

    Heya – just a question. Did you wrote “Gallatin”? Do you by any chance mean Gallatin from “Star Trek: Insurrection”? Oh, and by the way, I like the fanart, it is nicely done.

    I for my part are no expert, neither in parinting or in photoshopping, I suck at both forms of art. So Kudos to anyone who can use photoshop wisely.



  • These are great!
    I love the Vin Diesel faceswaps.

  • That reminds me, I need to finish my Ender’s Game/My Little Pony crossover fan-fiction!

  • Jack

    I know this isn’t really the right place to post feedback, but I didn’t know where else to do it: your Milo and Otis review is the first internet video I’ve had to turn away from (the content from the movie; not your review). The footage from that movie horrified me, and now I feel sick. It’s like the Cove, but with puppies. What kind of sick fuck would have anything to do with marketing or watching that movie?

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