So you want to will a con into existence…

There’s been a lot of talk on Twitter about the possibility of a TGWTGcon. Here are my thoughts and suggstions.

I was talking to Elisa about it, and she, along with the rest of my merry band of Dickinsian welps, seemed to think the idea sounded like fun. Nella especially was championing the idea of a big public Hercules drinking game; if we had it in New York, hell, maybe we could even invite the UCB people to perform their rendition of “Showgirls: The Greatest Movie Ever Made Ever“, the wonderful sketch comedy show that inspired my obsession with Showgirls in the first place!  But, according to Lisa cons of this nature aren’t organized by the companies, but by the fans themselves, who then invite the people they are fanning.

I found this nice little page that outlines, in simple terms, how to organize a small anime convention.  Presently the movement, however small it might be, is like a headless chicken, running around and bumping into things.   The biggest challenge would be organizing the capital to get it started, although it is probable that, with proper advertising, you could make your money back and then some. Someone would have to rise up and organize the damn thing, make an executive decision on where it’s held, and figure out how much to charge people and what the interest would be so that you don’t operate at a loss. (On that note, I would strongly suggest operating near a large metropolitan center i.e. New York, Los Angeles, Chicago).

So if there’s anyone out there so motivated, if people want to see it happen they’ll have to make it happen.  Most of the site is in favor of it, someone just needs to, as the great Picard says, make it so.  Personally, I would love to host the public intoxication fest of the Hercules Drinking Game.

No, I’m not durnk, ocifer…

Addendum: According to the Powers That Be, there is indeed interest on some level for the higher-ups at TGWTG, although fan organization and interest would be key here.  Punky heads the TGWTG twitter (@TGWTG) and you can contact the site admin, Holly, at  Happy organizing!

  • Laura

    I would LOVE to see this happen. I think it would have to be in Chicago since that’s where Doug is, but I would much rather see it in Los Angeles (or in So. Cal) so I could attend (besides, Doug hasn’t made it to any conventions in LA yet… it would be about time =) )

  • John

    I would also be interested in attending a TGWTG con.

    We should host a poll on the main website and on blistered thumbs to vote on it. Say we gain X amount of votes, have the next poll be “how much would you be willing to pay” 30, 40, 50 $ etc. It would give the host somewhat of an idea of how many fans might attend, and how much they can spend on a venue / where to host it.

    Time of year would be key too. It might not be a good idea to host a TGWTG con in the same month as say comic con, PAX or otakon or even MAGfest.

    I hope these ideas help a little

  • Ryan

    A TGWTG con would be AWESOME! I would definitely attend no matter where it was being held. That being said, I vote LA because I’d much prefer a 45 drive to a 4+ hour flight 😀

  • Creature SH

    I would like to see this happen. And I don’t even have a snowball’s chance in hell to attend.

  • Molly

    Maybe a con could be hosted at a university? MomoCon is a free convention (FREE) hosted at Georgia Tech. It’s small, as anime cons go, but it’s been happening for like 5 or 6 years now. I’m not sure how they manage to keep it free.

  • damn my poorness. time to find money. i will host this con and it will be named MyCon and in very small letters, with tgwtg.

  • Jessica

    What’s a durnk?
    Also, a TGWTG con would be awesome, though I doubt I would ever be able to afford to go to one since I live in that mythical land known as Canyadia.

  • If I knew how to put together a con, I would help set this one up. Sadly, I only know how to volunteer. If I had enough notice to save money and get there, I would like to volunteer to help set up!

  • InsanityManifest

    A massive Hercules Drinking game eh…?

    Vikingfjord is one of the better drinks to roll with during drinking games. Not too harsh but not too light either. Best of all, inexpensive and good to boot. Perhaps you could get them to sponsor you (I’ve heard of cons getting companies like that to provide goodies for participants. Worth a shot anyway!)

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