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Another post about me and my dad; this one a little more positive. 🙂

I had to repost this.  I suppose I’m just surprise but a little glad that dad finally caught up with my whole “Internet job” thing (or as I like to call it, my Secret Internet Life.)  Dad tracked down a facebook group dedicated to me and left the following message:

Carroll Ellis Probably the #1 fan of the “NOSTALGIA CHICK”, for I go back farther than anyone else knowing her, for I helped “make” her some 26 years back. You guessed it, I am her dad. James Carroll Ellis. Since leaving home for NYU, and then on to USC, I have watched her mature into a young adult while establishing a wonderful fan base and friends, which is deeply appreciated and I simply say “Thank You”. Her talents are obvious, having many, just like her ol dad.

As for NELLA, SWEET, SWEET, NELLA, Lindsay and Nella, (Antonella) have been and are the best of friends. Any remarks, suggestions, and/or references to her were done as a professional actor, and certainly no malice was intended. She (Nella) has visited our home many times, and she is a surperb beautiful human being. The world would be a better place with more NELLAS.

I’m on facebook as Carroll Ellis. Johnson City, TN.

Ha, looks like even dad picked up on the unrest concerning Nella’s portrayal as my beleaguered friend.  Hopefully this is the last time anyone will ever have to say anything about this, but people, even if you are put off by it, understand that we’re performing satire that tries to skewer the whole idea of how people are perceived in terms of physical beauty.  Also, we are playing CHARACTERS.  Nella put forth a much more articulate and vitriolic argument here. I love my Nella. She is my BFF in many ways.  And I love my dad, even if we don’t have the most communicated-oriented relationship.

  • Noticed your twitter post earlier and was a bit concerned. Glad to see I was in error. ^_^

  • Aron

    Good to see that your parents are proud of you and the work you do online.

    And the fact that you two are playing characters is obvious. When I was utterly bored, I double checked the TGWTG forums, and I indeed was the first (and only I think) to guess correctly what Nella felt BFF stood for. Yay.

  • SamBamKablaam

    Aw. This made me happy 🙂

  • Creature SH

    “awwwww”. That’s all I have to say about this.

  • Xanz0r

    Made my day =)

  • lilpNati

    Sweet sweet dad^_^
    And cool cool Nella. I agree, the world would be a better place with more Nellas!

  • Rory

    I left a reply to Nella’s blog as well about this whole thing. I would almost say that you should do a video similar to what you had done before with you and Nella showing your friendship.

  • Beery

    People not understanding satire? The Dickens, you say!

  • Some people just don’t get BFF relationships. You get those weird inside jokes that no one else will understand, you can be completely open with them, and share everything with them. People dont get me and my BFF either; half the time we sound like we hate eachother – we’re very satirical as well, just basically saying things that could be interpretted as mean, but we know they arent. It’s sad that some people don’t get that what happens in your videos aren’t real, but I suppose those people never will – they obviously dont have a BFF ;).

    You and Nella are hilarious, I look forward to seeing your next video with you two in it :)!

  • raises his hand as one of the ever growing numbers of viewers that have an equal crush on Nella as they do on Lindsay

    • Anton Spivack

      Add one fanboy here!

  • Johnson City? Really? Wow, you’re dad lives in the same city as me.


  • InsaneFerret

    Weird…… I live in Elizabethton, which is really close to Johnson City. And my brother lives in Johnson City.
    Okay…… don’t really know why I told you this. Awkward.

    Anywhoozle…. I must d’aww at this.

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