Proud (Temporary) Kickassian

For those of you who know about it, Kickassia, Doug’s second year epic, went over pretty well.  Truth be told, given how quickly the thing was shot and how low-budget it all was, I was surprised by how good it came together- guess it shows the power of collaboration!

For those of you who don’t know, Kickassia is a sort of webisode-cum-action movie that the people on the website I work for made.  Basic treatise is that we invade a small micronation called Molossia(has its own written script and everything).  It’s run by this guy named Kevin Baugh; I have to say, I’ve filmed in several locations before.  I’ve seen people get seriously territorial when there isn’t much in the way of financial compensation, so I was really blown away by how hospitable they were.  Angry Joe even made an eternal friend in one of the little girls (who briefly appears in the video).  But I’ve had a few people notice that I’m in hardly any of the crossover material and I don’t pop up in the vlogs that much.  I shall, as Ricky Ricardo says, ‘splain.

In a word, school.  Surprise, surprise.

There’s several ways to fulfill your thesis requirement for the MFA in film here at USC.  One of them is to crew in or direct an advanced project.  I was pitching on Friday, April 16th.  I arrived in Reno on Thursday, April 8th and was pretty much in some capacity of shooting the whole time.  The times I wasn’t shooting, (meaning any time my presence was absolutely not required on set), I was away working on the written pitch for that thesis.  I spent hours upon hours being holed away in some room typing away- much to Doug’s chagrin in fact.  I’ve never been great at the whole balancing act thing, and he didn’t quite appreciate me sneaking off to work on the pitch in the middle of the scene. I found it kind of amusing that I was “second billed” in the credits, considering I wasn’t in it that much. But hey, we pick our battles, I had my priorities, and as a consequence I didn’t get to do much in the way of crossovers, appear in the backgrounds/battle scenes of Kickassia, etc.  It makes me kind of sad, but I did get to do a little bit with Linkara and Marzgurl (soon to be posted) which should be up soon.

The great irony is, the faculty didn’t much at all like that written treatment I spent so much time on! Oh, well, at least they like my doc pitch tape, so I’ll be directing an advanced project documentary next semester! Whoopty woop!

More on that soon.

  • Mohamad Taufiq

    I love Kickassia. And it shows how you can do something awesome even with a low budget. I also love Doug’s “OF COURSE!” even more, comparable to Raul Julia’s.

    Charlie Brooker and Neill Blomkamp once said that having a low-budget production is good because it helps with creativity more. Which is not a surprise since many great original works are done with really low budget, while big-budgeted epics are mostly retellings, adaptations and rip-offs(I’m talking about you James Cameron).

    Wish you all the best and i hope your documentary in-making would be as awesome as Kickassia regardless of the content.

  • How did you decide to go into film? Did you know right away that’s what you wanted to major in?

  • Loved every minute of that movie. Couldn’t believe that Molossia was an actual real-life mini-nation either. Surprisingly cooperative people.

    Anyway, I thought your Sarah Palin impersonation was hilarious. Just as good as Tina Fey’s. Despite not appearing prominently, you really did a good job in the short film.

    Keep up the good work and good luck with your project. 🙂

  • It’s a shame you couldn’t have enjoyed yourself so much because of school work, but like you said, you have to get your priorities straight. You were still great in the scenes you were in =)

  • Le Canuck

    Congrats, Lindsay. Sorry to hear the written pitch didn’t go over well, but at least something positive came out of it in the end. Regardless, you rocked in whatever capacity in Kickassia. Anyway, as someone who has a master’s thesis looming on the horizon I can only imagine the stress you must have been under. Kudos, chum!

  • Luke

    Congrats on being able to direct the documentary for your thesis. You did a great job during Kickassia also, and I’m looking forward to see the video you did with Marzgurl and Linkara.

  • Nicki

    “Angry Joe even made an eternal friend in one of the little girls”
    Haha how did that happen?
    You were hilarious in it btw XD

  • That Sarah Palin imitation was hilarious. And creepy.

  • Aarin

    Was not a fan of Kickassia, sorry, it felt really self-indulgent (which was the point, I’m sure.) You probably did the right thing with your priorities.

    I was, however, overjoyed to find the Ever After review pop up on my weekly visit.

    Your Labyrinth review is required viewing material for the people I meet online. Keep it coming (inc the blog posts)!

  • Endless Nameless

    Your role on Kickassia was great, Lindsay. Maybe you got second billed because you were, after all, vice-president!

    In fact, I noted your absence in the other crossovers, and I thought it was because of school.

    But your absence in Kickassia, to me, makes sense! It seemed like you was with your own agenda, not connected to the other people plans. Like if you was not participating with them, but was ready to take your place if they became successful.

    Good luck with your school ( this year I need to finish my PhD thesis, which makes me barely sleep. School can suck our souls)

  • FritzLang69

    Strictly concentrating on your film carrier and giving the boys from a cold shoulder well there’s only one explanation for that Lindsay wants to be the next Kathryn Bigelow!!! 🙂

  • Kickassia was hilarious, really enjoyed watching everyone in it, and thought everyone did a great job.

    And with that – I think it’s great that you have your priorities straight 🙂 While TGWTG and all your videos are awesome, I’m really impressed that you’re focusing on school, and it makes you a really great role model for younger girls. Sometimes a lot of stuff goes on in life, and you need to balance everything, but sometimes you need to do what needs to get done first. And you still got to participate in the 2nd year anniversary so that’s great :). Too bad the faculty didn’t like your pitch too much – but hey, life’s a lesson and I think someone as talented as you will go really far.

    Really love reading and watching your work – looking forward to see what you do next!

  • Heffaloo

    Loved your Sarah Palin parody. The smiling, faux-stupidity combined with maliciousness was surprisingly sexy. I just got through watching “Linking up with Linkara,” and it was hilarious.
    I do have a question. The posting said it was written by Michael Ellis. Is this a relation of yours, a pseudonym, or simply coincidence?

  • I’m a little hesitant to watch Kickassia, not gonna lie. I mean, I loved that epic brawl you guys had a few years ago. I think a small part of me is afraid it can’t be topped, haha

    Still, if it’s as awesome as everyone’s saying, I’ll have to check it out eventually. Can I just say I’m really glad I found your blog? Finding contributor’s personal pages kind of.. brings out the fangirl in me. It’s generally a pretty quiet one though. (.. hey, at least I don’t write fanfiction.)

  • Hey Lindsay. Been watching NChick for a while, but just recently came to your blog. You’ve done so much so far and you know where you’re headed in life. That’s great. After reading a few posts of yours I started to realize, “I’m 28 with a useless software development diploma, but a desire for all things film. I really haven’t done anything with my life (outside of raising two kids).”

    Still not sure if I feel depressed or inspired just yet. So, either curse you, or thank you. 😉

  • Coffee Rocket

    I just wanted to say – even though, actually, um…not actually sure if you read these – but you were kind of fabulous in Kickassia. Honestly, I watched the scene where you tried to poison Nostalgia Critic about three times, it made my day that much. That’s weird but…oh well, anyway, you were great.

    Also, my family was going through…weirdcrisisishthings a while back…and your Showgirls review was the first thing that made me laugh since that happened. So…thank you! Really, from the bottom of my heart.

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