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Late night thoughts on the impossible standards we put on female characters

It’s 3:30 AM.  Since this semester started and I have only night classes, my being awake at this hour is not unusual.  I’ve been working on Nostalgia Chick episodes that won’t come out for months. Not a bad thing; being “Nostalgia Chick” is my job, and will be my primary focus once I move back to…

A quick message to regarding the nature of the elusive MacGuffin

Here is my general attitude to responding to comments I get; I don’t, especially in public forums. It drives me crazy when people on TGWTG get all uppity and go after their commenters. As most of us are doing reviews on something else, being derivative in that way and “commenting”, I find it very immature…

This must be how Indians felt after ‘Slumdog’… (My Name is Khan)

I have a real penchant for movies made about America by non-Americans, but particularly when made for a non-American audience.  When the filmmakers don’t particularly care what we as Americans will think, they’re just catering to their demographic; for once, it’s not us.  Maybe it’s just my American vanity, so that part of me can…

Ushering in a New Era

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is transcendent. Transcendent may not be an adequate term for how much this film is going to change the face of cinema. It is beyond post-modern. It’s post-intelligent. Yes, I believe this film is simply the flagship of a new era; we are entering the era of post-intelligence.

But we have luff! The Day The Earth Stood Still

Films like this that bring in otherworldly characters and attempt to place a tangible value on the meaning of life are tangling with issues that have lacked answers since before philosophy as a study even came to exist. If you must place value on human life, what can you say it is? Is it possible to even do so without getting super-subjective and, dare I say, sentimental?

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