My week in Neverland, or how to avoid a BJ from Lindsay

Today I’m in Berkeley.  Yesterday I was in LA, and earlier yesterday I was in Chicago.  This is the first time I feel like I’ve been alone for a week, which for all intents and purposes it was, most of which being in Chicago with the people I work with and then jumping suddenly back into film land, on a five hour drive from LA to the Bay area with Ritvik, who knows NOTHING about the site, nor do I think he particularly gives a shit, so all my gossip fell on deaf ears.  I don’t think it’s any secret that a chunk of the TGWTG gang was in Chicago filming our third anniversary video.  I don’t think I’m supposed to disclose the content, but I can talk about what goes on and what it’s like, which seems to be the bulk of what people are interested in when they ask me about the Annual Gathering of the International Society of Manchildren.

This is the third year I’ve gone to this thing.  Honestly? This year was my favorite by far (though that may come as a surprise to some!).  I’m much less in on the loop of the TGWTG social circle than others, but there’s always a different air on each of these shoots.  What I found this year is that the general atmosphere was much more relaxed, less tense and less a feeling of X was trying to impress X.  In that way, this was the first year that it really felt like we were kind of a family, like everyone got along and we were all working towards something.  Yeah, some were like broken records; Benzaie wouldn’t stop bitching about sales tax (and he got a lot of shit for that) while I wouldn’t stop bitching about production stuff like camera work and permits (and I got some shit for that), and Lewis would not stop telling me “THAT FILM SCHOOL RUINED YOU!” (he eventually apologized for that. Thank you, Lewis. Sorry if I cockblocked your review) but it felt cohesive, and everyone seemed to feel relaxed and at home. It was nice, and I can honestly say this was the first time I’ve gone to one of these things were that was the case, at least for me.

Last year the shoot took place about two days before my pitch for my doc.  As such, I was VERY preoccupied, and didn’t interact with people as much as I could or should have. The year before that, however, well there were a LOT more people, and so was a lot more fragmented socially.  In the interest of tact, I won’t drop names (though I’m sure people can deduce of whom I speak), but there was one (former) contributor to the site who liked to spread… talk. I won’t call it lies, just talk.  We’ll call him Stan.  Stan really didn’t like me; I’m not sure why, because I never talk to him much at all. But he hid the fact that he didn’t like me from me very well, so much that when he was asked to leave the site I had quite a few people approach me and apologize for having avoided me at the brawl, listening to the things he said about me (and other producers) and believing them.  For instance, he approached Benzaie one day towards the end and announced “Dude, Lindsay’s totally fucking so-and-so” (we weren’t).  Ben, of all people, the least scandalizable Frenchman on the planet!  Like he was going to go, “Sacre bleu! I’m pretty sure they’re not married!” and march down to my hotel room and bang on the door to stop this fornication this instant!

My favorite, though, Phelous told me about half way through this year’s shoot- I try to stay off too much of the gossip stream, because really, who cares, but this one I hadn’t heard (and apparently everyone else had)- that one some stream or podcast or something, someone had asked him what the worst part about going to Chicago for the brawl was, and his response was something to the tune of “having to dodge a blow job from Lindsay.”


Who would dodge a blow job? Like, no sir, no beej on the menu here! Me body is a temple.

Now that I’m gone I’m really kinda regretting not having done a dramatic reenactment.  Like this guy’s walking down the hallway, minding his own business. I’m around the corner, crouched, ready to spring into action, mouth open, hungry. Suddenly I jump from my hiding place, going for the gold, and he swerves his pelvis just in time, runs for cover while I pout, thwarted! Like “phew, dodged that bullet!”  That was the source of great comedy for a good chunk of the week, though I admit it still kinda haunts me in the back of my mind that for so many people, when there’s a girl they don’t like for no discernable reason, the clear solution to get other people to share that dislike is just to call her a slut. Hey, whatever works, right? You go, boy, no better way to earn people’s respect.

The shoot was a learning experience for everyone. It was also hard for many reasons, not the least of which the weather not always cooperating, the temperature and the fact that some of us weren’t wearing much.  I wasn’t that cold, but the dress I was wearing was REALLY restrictive and was totally fucked up by the end of it.  Holly was very wonderful about making sure we were taken care of.  I finally really got to know and spend time with people I’d met but never gotten to know, like Handsome Tom (and 8-bit Mickey!) and the wonderful Ed Glazer, who rose up to become a hero of sorts with the shoot, and both Lisa and Nella (who made their own way out to Chicago) were thrilled to get to go, and to feel so included in the group.  The new additions that came out this year like Lupa, Todd and Luke Mochrie were all wonderful to meet and hang out with, and brought a really good and positive (yes, positive!) energy to the crew.

Was the shoot hard? Eh, not really, though people with less production experience seemed to think so.  I think it’s all relative, some think it was some think it wasn’t.  But the important thing was whether it was worth it.  I’m sure some people will love it way more than Kickassia, some people will think it’s worse, and some will think it’s the same. The production value is about the same, at least on-set (for post production FX, that remains to be seen). It is most assuredly different writing-wise, so I’ll be curious to see how that flies.  But the important thing, for my part anyway, was did we have fun, and I don’t think a single person on the trip didn’t feel that it was worth it.  For my part this was my favorite shoot yet, and I look forward to even awesome-er next year.  And for you, the viewer, I hope we don’t disappoint.  We as producers don’t have a whole lot of say about what goes on screen and the writing, but we do all work really hard with what we’re given, and what we’re able to do.  So keep an eye out for the next great adventure of the online reviewer dorks, coming to an Internet near you in a couple of months!

And watch out for those errant unwanted BJs. I hear they can be rather unpleasant.

  • Dodging blowjobs? Did he say they were flying at him like bullets? What sort of physical form does a blowjob take? You’ve got me thinking about this way too much.

    Definitely looking forward to the anniversary special. I’ll just be avoiding everything everyone’s saying about it because let’s be honest, there are some impossible-to-please jerks in those comment sections.

    • Now I’m getting a porno version of The Matrix in my head!

      • Michael Kocwin

        i didn’t realise it, but I did also… like PEW PEW, Swoosh Swoosh Bullet Time!

  • VenGethenian

    I’ve heard from other contributors that they also think this year’s anniversary movie will be better than Kickassia. I’m looking forward to it, I know tons of other people are too, and I think we’re all glad to hear you had a good time there. 🙂

  • Not to sound crass (lawd knows I’m a classy guy) but the only reason he’d want to dodge a BJ is if he was “playing for the other team.”

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

    • emeriin

      I don’t want to defend “Stan” because he sounds like a dickweed, but not all guys are eager pervs just waiting to be laid.

      • Ha, the ones I know are! Gave up and decided to roll with it. Let’s go boys!

    • JR

      Hell, I play for the other team and I’d still let Lindsay give me one. She is that cute.

  • Brett

    You should let us know who “Stan” really is. Scumfucks like him thrive under anonymity, and he certainly had no inclination against bad-mouthing you behind your back.

    • I agree to some extent, but I feel better if I take the more mature route. Besides, I’m sure it’s not hard to figure out who he is, as as I hear he is occasionally vocal in his own venues about TGWTG-related topics.

    • Rezuri

      It was that Aussie guy.

      • Brett

        Interesting. I don’t really follow the whole TGWTG Community stuff that much (I watch the videos from LordKat, Lindsay, and Doug-as-Nostalgia Critic).

      • If mean who I think you mean, IIRC his official reason for leaving was that he had to leave to do missionary duty.

      • The missionary is a kiwi, not an Aussie, and was not at the brawl.

  • Scott Rivers

    Many people probably know by now who “Stan” is, considering the mentioning of the Brawl, but good for Lindsay for keeping it at least a little on the down-low, not making it obvious.

    Looking forward to the third year video – throwing Luke and Todd into the mix will be an interesting surprise. And considering Todd’s reason (joke or otherwise) was for “Spooning with Spoony”… we might see his wish fulfilled? :p

    First time I’ve seen this blog. Pretty spiffy one, Lindsay.

    • It was? Well, that would certainly explain Todd’s stash of rufies. Slut.

  • Scott Rivers

    Todd’s reason for joining*. Bleh.

  • shaun in oireland

    Sounds good, I really enjoyed the last one. It’s not another micro nation invasion is it? Those are tremendous craic & The Principality of Sealand has been cruisin for a bruisin for years now.

  • I think you are awesome. This guy sounds insecure and he WISHES he could be so blessed to get a BJ from the famous, beautiful, and talented Lindsay. Some men are threatened by women and this sounds like a case of just that. Also, like that old cliche’ goes, good PR, bad PR, its still PR.

    I’m sorry that some douchetube was making your trip less enjoyable however, I very much look forward to the anniversary project coming out. I’m sure you fans, and all the TGWTG fans will enjoy it.

    Keep your head up. You’re great. I can only wish to do what you do.


  • I’ve heard a lot of wonderful things about this years trip to Chicago and everyone agrees with you. It is sort of like a family. I get that feeling even through talking with my friends on Skype who are contributors I’ve known for a long, long time. They all agree that this trip was probably one for the books. =D

    I’m glad you were able to interact with everyone this time. They sound like a great group of friends and are more than just co-workers.

    I’ll tell you the same thing I told everyone else. I look forward to Year 3’s videos and I toast to another year. Keep up the good work!

  • Looking at the Channel Awesome Wiki, there are only two contributors that can receive BJ’s that left- and one of them was in Kickassia.

  • Leon

    Film that sucker. “Attack of the Unwanted Beej”. In 3D!

    It’ll make you the Tarentino of the new century. Or Allan Smithee.

    I didn’t even realize it was the anniversary coming up, totally looking forward to it. It would also explain the lower volume of content at TGWTG.

  • Erick

    You seem like such a nice person. It sucks that some guy would intentionally start stuff against you for no reason :. I’m glad you haven’t let stuff like turn you against being a, as you say, “minor” online celeb. You’ve got an adoring fan base. Keep your chin up, your head down, and don’t do any unwanted/unwarranted/surprise BJs. (lol)

  • Razie lStar

    Honestly, few things can kill my enjoyment of a production then to find out that the people involved had a horrible time. So I”m really glad to hear that you had a really good time. Hopefully there won’t be a big fight like the last 2 anniversaries. There are just way too many of you and it gets tedious.

    I’m sorry you were accused of being a cock-hungry predator, but I’d love to see that worked into a sketch at some point. It sounds hilarious.

    Anyway, love you stuff and keep up the good work.

  • Considering what we know now about your film project, that comment about BJs was totally inappropriate – no wonder you had strong feelings about that. Regardless, it’s nice to see (hopefully) that the vibe around Year Three was so positive and rewarding; plus it’s always nice whenever new blood comes along to infuse some more creativity into the projects (Oancitizen, next year, it’s all on you, buddy). Also, I’m getting the vibe that parts of your own “extended family” (i.e. Nella & Lisa) were also accepted with open arms into the clan; I like when stuff like this happens.

    I am SO looking forward to what is unleashed in May 2011 on TGWTG. You, Lindsay, and the CA crew really do make blah days go by so much quicker. Of course, if you need us to help you out, as you no doubt have learned, no need to ask – we Chicklets know what to do (dammit, I WILL make this catch on!).

    BTW, The Annual Gathering of the International Society of Manchildren? You do realize that the acronym of this is AGISM; I checked – that IS an acceptable spelling. You are a genius – this is just more conformation.

    • And CONFIRMATION, too. Damn spelling.

    • Rezuri

      I’m going to be nitpicky right now, but the accusations would still be completely inappropriate regardless of what project Lindsay was working on.

      • Yeah, I agree on that count. It’s a misogyny thing, not a baby bump thing.

  • Huh, never DID hear why “Stan” got put to pasture. Sad, and quite lame.

    Glad to hear things with the TGWTG crew are going well. Should be an interesting year. Congrats to EVERYthing, Lindsay. 🙂

  • It’s very nice to hear that you had a good time. Shoots can sometimes be rather strange social experiences as egos, personalities and different ways of reacting to stress coincide in what amounts to a pressure cooker.

    When they are good, when things are just relaxed and in synch, they can be a blast. Other times, not so much.

    I’m also glad that you updated the blog because I enjoy your writing, but I know you are a very busy person, so I appreciate it when I have the chance to read it.

    As for “Stan” (I’m not really into the TWWTG history, so I have no clue as to who he is), some people make mistakes or have very strange and negative ways of socializing. It has always happened, and it always will; and sadly misogyny gets thrown into the mix with dissapointing frequence. Pay it no mind.

    • Scott Rivers

      Let’s call him by another name: “ThatDudeFromOutsideNewZealand”.

      • Thanks, but I wasn’t trying to get into a guessing game. I have no interest on who this person is. He acted either in poor judgement or in poor faith, was a negative influence, and now is gone. I wish to know no more of him.

  • jr1991

    I’m happy to hear there was positive energy. If the crew was having fun, I’m sure the audience will as well.

  • I’ll always wonder what that guy had against you, but at the end of the day, it’s probably got more to do with him than you. Maybe you were testing his Christian morals with your titillating feminine wiles, or some stupid shit like that…

    One of these days I’ll get some spare cash and pick up your documentary! Let me know if you’re interested in an art trade or something :3

  • Snyder

    You have such an interesting way to switch from really bad things to really funny things to really nice things in your posts

  • Silly, silly boy. I hope dodging blowjobs doesn’t cost him too much of his precious time and energy ! I bet that with such wits, he has so much to offer to the world.

    But on other terms, hearing that you seem to be getting along with Lupa, Luke and Todd fill me with some joy. I like their attitudes, and you and Todd are my favourite reviewers from the site. I think you put more time, thought and construction in each of your videos than most others, and i can watch them a few times over without getting bored. 🙂

    • I adore those guys! I’m so glad they joined the site, they were freaking awesome and hilarious.

  • Creature SH

    Huh. I saw this post in my feed yesterday, but I think I must have been so scandalized that I forgot to read it.

    I also forgot to be angry at this “Stan” upon reading this, because you described the imagined events so hilariously.

    I also really have to commend you for being so damn candid and open about these things. That’s pretty much the opposite of what I would expect from someone who made the world of film their profession, and I find it REALLY refreshing.

    Finally, I can’t wait to see this new anniversary special, now that I know of some of the people who are in it this year (For instance, I had been hoping for Nella’s involvement for months).

  • Simon B

    I have seen Blowjobs at incredible speeds. They’re quite fun.

    But yeah, looking forward to the 3rd Anniversary movie.


  • Dan Rizzo

    I like guys ok!!!

    • Oh yeah, that’s right. I completely forgot your name, but now that I do the fact that the fake name Lindsay used was one letter off makes it kind of obvious.

      Between this and your constant cracks about firing people, I’m no longer surprised “you” (because, as this post proves, anyone can go under any name here) got un-personed.

      • The hell? I tried posting this under “Doug Walker” to prove a point, but…whatever.

  • Michael C

    It’s great to heard that you all had a great time and it will transfer onto screen. I was disappointed by your lack of screen time last year but I understand why. I have grown to love the anniversary videos and the crossover reviews.

  • You know If X does feel the need to impress X again, X should try situps, it did wonders for this unknowable variable. This unknowable variable saw real progress in the mirror every day. Of course, this one is excluding the possibility that X is actually Professor Xavier and being wheelchair bound might… actually not sure if that’s easier or harder without strong leg muscles. Anyways, if you see X again you should certainly be encouraging.

    That whole thing was in round about first person, what a useless feat. Anyways love your work ala mode digital*. Sadly, I can not say the same of your film work due to mass ignorance.

    *I can butcher two languages at once.

  • Blow job incoming. ENEMY SHIELDS ANALYZED.

    Enemies coming for your rear, drop altitude.

    People are ridiculous, but at least it made for a humorous story.

  • Less Ashamed

    Lindsay, you could lunge at my dick with a knife and fork and I’d still welcome it with open thighs.

    You’re welcome.

    • Lee

      The safeword is “Hyacinth”, right? 😉

  • Adam

    That was an awesome story. Sad thing is now I’m very tempted to go back and watch the brawl video so I can figure out who was the person that was asked to leave. It surely wasn’t anyone I cared about otherwise I would have noticed. But now Pandora’s box has been opened and I’m just so curious!

  • Hey, Lindsay! I’m sure this has come up before but how does one purchase a copy of your documentary?

    • Adam, if you read her blog post from 1/28/11, there should be a link inside for donations. I believe $15 is the magic number for what you want. Whatever you can donate I’m sure will make her happy.

  • Paul

    This post gives me a vision of Nella singing “man-eater” by Nelly Furtado, off-key, and Lindsay running down dark tunnels pursuing man-children with a hungry look on her face.
    “She’s a maaaaan-eater
    make you work hard
    make you spend hard
    make you want all her love”

  • I would not only dodge, but jump off a building to avoid a beej from Ann Coulter.

    Yes, I’m a 29-year-old lonely virgin, but a guy’s gotta have SOME standards. 😉

    Odds that once I’ve gotten past this insomnia and had some real sleep that I will regret posting that joke; 2:1

    • Creature SH

      You, too? Virgin-at-29-high-five!

  • “Unwanted BJ”…there’s two words I never thought I’d see together.

  • prof_ratigan

    Lindsay, you are just plain awesome!!!

    And “Stan” was probably just jealous because you’re funnier than he ever was 🙂 🙂

  • biggdawggnt

    Was he in a committed relationship ?
    Is he gay?
    Are you related to him in some fashion?
    Did you have open sores on your face at the time?

    Because if none of the above were the case, then
    “Stan” is in blatant violation of The Heterosexual Male
    Code of Conduct, which CLEARLY states in no uncertain terms that if a FUCK-RIDICULOUS-HOT woman who is equipped with a set of smackers that would garner the envy of Angelina Jolie offers to use said facial hardware to provide you with sexual gratification and and none of the above stated circumstances are in effect, then you MUST accept.

    All kidding aside tho, “Stan” is so totally full of shit, it’s
    hilarious. Except for the fact that he makes the rest of
    us men look bad. That pisses me off.

    In related note, regarding that . . . ahem, individual in
    the other post, you go girl. That bastard needed the
    taste knocked out his mouth. Under no circumstances
    is it ever acceptable to force a girl, even if you are her
    steady beau.

    Besides that, any REAL man will tell you that there is
    NO NEED to coerce your woman, be it through pressuring,
    intoxicants, brute force or whatever. It’s the wrong approach entirely. There are manners in which one can behave, ways in which to conduct oneself, and actions one can take which which will manifest a desire for carnal relations with you in your woman’s mind. And when your woman wants YOU, she will let you know – AND you will have better sex, more sex, and a happy woman who doesn’t need to get shit-hammered to consider doing you.

    (Your jaw will still be sore though, just for different reasons.)

    I’m really sorry that you have had SUCH shit luck with men,
    Ms. Ellis, there really are better ones out there.

    • Dan

      Don’t you think you’re going just a little overboard and projecting a bit?

    • Perhaps, but I don’t hold any ill will towards the boy in question, because that’s what he was: a boy. He was just a naive little child who had no idea what he was doing or what he was getting into. I think he learned a lesson, as did I.

      • biggdawggnt

        (looks around)
        Who, me?

        (goes back and looks at post)

        Hm, dude may have a point.

        But then again, when one of of the best friends you ever had goes from a bright, beautiful, happy young woman to a whacked out, half starved crackhead as a result of one too many experiences very similar to this, you can tend to develop very strong opinions on the subject.

        My apologies Mr. Dan, I shall attempt to curb my projecting in the future. This one was a little personal for me and struck a nerve I suppose.

        Kudos to Ms. Ellis for being a better person than I evidently am. I guess I tend to hold my gender to a higher standard than perhaps is realistic in today’s world.

        Still tho, respecting someone else’s boundaries, particularly when intimacy is involved, is just plain common sense.

        But, I don’t know the specifics and I have done some really stupid shit myself due to overwhelming attraction to a woman in my day (tip: serenading outside a window DOES NOT WORK IN MODERN TIMES!!!) So, maybe I’m being too judgmental here.

        Thank you sir, for bringing that to my attention and giving me something to think about.

  • Dan

    Thank you so much for being okay with my comment. I was feeling guilty all night and thinking I should have just kept my white-knighting mouth shut. It’s appreciated. 🙂

    • biggdawggnt

      No biggie, dude.

      Y’see I’m at a stage in life where I’m past the “I know everything and am never wrong” stage and the “I’m so fucked up I’m worthless” stage (well, mostly), and have entered the “How do I make myself better” stage.

      I have observed that the first two stages are easy, this last one, tho, is friggin’ HARD. Seems simple enough on paper, but the actual application is a bitch.

      Thus, I endeavor to not discount personal criticism out of hand. It is always a way to learn about yourself. Of course, like I mentioned in another post, the approach is key in any form of interpersonal contact.

      You stated an opinion about my conduct. This could have gone horribly awry, as it seems you may have feared it had. But, as you chose to use respect instead of attack, you garnered respect from me in turn.

      So, thank you for teaching me something about myself, and keep up your white-knighting ways good sir, the world has far too few of those these days.

      HAIL, AND WELL MET!!! 😀

  • Chase

    I don’t do this commenting thing too often, but I figured I’d break my not-really-code-of-silence-so-much-as-laziness-of-silence and say that you make me snicker fairly often, and considering that my only particular form of interaction with you involves 90% comedy webside and 10% occasionally-updated-blog-that-is-sometimes-amusing-but-usually-serious, well… thanks.

    You’re an interesting person. Thanks for that too.

  • Combining suspicions/educated guesses and the TGWTG Tv Tropes listing for ‘The Unperson’ – let me just say as an Australian and a male that he’s a bad example of the rest of us. Insults and diatribes don’t help anything, so my assumption of his character will be to assume he’s a petty person who isn’t worth the time spent dwelling on lies he feels the need to commit.

    Wouldn’t be so glib as to say that there’s no one else like him in our sunburnt country, but the rest of us think they’re absolute tossers. Glad to see it’s possible to rise above it – I still tend to dwell on things said about me, and usually stoop down to a vengeance level, which doesn’t solve anything in the long run.

    If a pleasant opinion is worth anything, you’re a great entertainer, and while I don’t know much about you aside from the webseries and The A Word, I’d say you’re the kind of person who makes her friends’ lives better for being a part of it. Love your vids, love your work, hope you keep them coming for a long time yet.

    • After reading all of these comments, I can honestly say that Dan Rizzo sure as hell is not this “bad guy” that some people, more specifically Mike Michaud and Lindsay, paint him to be.

      Riz is one of the nicest guys I’ve ever watched, and he only left TGWTG because he just wanted to move on and do other things. Period.

      To this day, people still make a big deal about it, but I don’t really know why. It’s simply much ado about nothing.

  • Incidentally, Lindsay, this post is now on TV Tropes “Heartwarming” subpage for Suburban Knights. Just thought you’d want to know.

  • Chris

    Frankly, Kickassia is damn near unwatchable. It peaks way too early, and lags in the middle. I can’t help but think that the finished product is something fit to be reviewed and skewered by the very people featured in it.

    For Knights of Suburbia, I was fully entertained the entire time, and looked forward to each new chapter. The climax wore on a little long and could have been edited down, but overall Knights wasn’t ever tedious or embarrassing to watch like Kickassia can be.

  • EpicKnightOfFaggotry

    Oh Lindsay, it’s far too late for that now.

    You’ve shown your fans that That Guy With The Glasses are bullies (save for Cinema Snob, ToddInTheShadow, and MikeJ, who are all nice guys)! Everything you’ve tried to hide from them and make poor Riz look like the bad guy, has totally flown out of the window hasn’t it?

    Money first, friendship next. Welcome to the capitalist world. Enjoy spending your money, I mean, enjoy your time.

    Thank you Lindsay, thank you!

    • “friendship”?

      Oh yes, that Riz and I were great chums until Michaud offered me that bucket of money. Not like he was some sad lonely little guy that I hardly ever exchanged words with that had a weird vendetta with the girls on the site, me in particular. But you know what? It was the best bucket of money ever. I used it to buy my yacht; I call it the “Sell Out of the Sea”. You’re right, I do enjoy my money! And I do make SO MUCH MONEY. It’s pretty badass. Means I can escape my life of being a lonely basement virgin speculating on the personal morality of extremely low level Internet celebrities.

      Seriously, you think you’re some crusader for truth? Get some fucking perspective, dude. Go outside.

      Now if you’ll excuse me, my paramour and I have a date on my yacht that I bought with my Internet millions. We have such fun rolling around in our money, laughing at the fools who brought us all our opulence.

      • I like how when someone disses another person that they don’t use their real name – if you’re being truthful, dudes, go further than that.

      • EpicKnightOfFaggotry

        Your statement is insulting to tell the truth. In case you forgot, Riz, armed with his gaming colletion and knowledge about video-games, helped co-found Blistered Thumbs, bringing plenty to the table by helping put a lot of time, effort, and ideas into making Channel Awesome what it is today.

        And even if he did stalk you, Riz wanted to work with the site because he had fun with it, and only wanted to be paid on performance. Not only did Riz perform on YouTube, he also performed consistently on Channel Awesome for one year. He did not ask for any of the merchandise money, nor any advertisement money, just the money that he deserved, based on his performance, in the same way that James Rolfe is paid a percent of his performance on GameTrailers for his Angry Video Game Nerd videos. Think about it… if Riz was really getting paid to do nothing, why would he go out of his way to get thrown out?

        You see, Nostalgia Chick, this scenario is eerily similar to how Stuttering Craig booted both Handsome Tom and Guru Larry off ScrewAttack.

        Since then, Riz has actually let go of his grudge with Michaud, you, and Channel Awesome and moved onto getting an actual working job, while running his own gaming website, Aussie This is the only good thing that resulted from Channel Awesome’s betrayal, as Riz has vastly improved with his image as well as made his videos more enjoyable.

        That is all. I will say thank you and go on my way.

        • Losero

          It’s dead now, Jerkweed. Ha ha ha. A fitting end. He was a nobody in the beginning, and now he’s the ultimate nobody, not even warranting a mention outside a single commentary on TGWTG and all but disappeared from the internet in general.
          I can only hope you also suffered an ironic karmic punishment for condemning the well-deserved canning of a slut-shaming stalker.

          • Deepthroat Ghoul

            I do agree with you; Riz was a total scumbag in the end.

  • Liz

    Just by looking and listening to the videos, collaborations, commentaries, etc. I can see how well you guys have grown together as a company. It’s precious. 🙂

    Also, from what I hear, “Stan” took his repercussions very maturely… **COUGHCOUGHSARCASMCOUGH**

  • hahaha that was highly enjoyable to read =)

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